Samsung Blames ‘Tiny Manufacturing Battery Error’ For Exploding Galaxy Note 7s

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Samsung has identified a production blunder in lithium ion batteries in a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as a reason because some inclination have held fire.

Just dual weeks after a launch of a flagship phone, Samsung was forced to remember 2.5 million devices worldwide.

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The remember came after scores of users reported a problem that caused a battery to exceedingly overheat and, in some cases, explode.

The latest occurrence to be blamed on an overheating Note 7 is a automobile glow in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where a owners of a car believes a means of a glow was his charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The means has not nonetheless been determined by investigators.

Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s mobile president, is reported to have pronounced that an review suggested a “tiny error” in a production routine for a inadequate batteries in a phones.

The finish of a battery dungeon had some flaws that increasing a possibility of highlight or overheating, he explained.

Dong-jin told reporters in Seoul: “The smirch in a production routine resulted in a disastrous electrodes and a certain electrodes entrance together.”

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