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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — From a 21 missed tackles he counted on invulnerability to a 10 sacks authorised on offense, there was copiousness for Jacksonville Jaguars manager Gus Bradley to dislike about his team’s play in a 41-10 drubbing during a hands of a Washington Redskins.

But anyone clamoring for him to reinstate Chad Henne during quarterback with rookie first-round breeze collect Blake Bortles following an 0-2 start had improved be prepared to continue to wait.

”If you’re seeking me right now, yeah, Chad Henne’s a starter,” Bradley pronounced Monday, reduction than 24 hours after Henne was sacked some-more than any NFL quarterback in a singular diversion given a New York Giants got to Donovan McNabb 12 times in 2007.

Even with a outcome no longer in doubt and a Redskins stability to pin their ears back, Henne remained in assign to a really finish of an offense that finished with usually 148 sum yards and 8 initial downs, dual of that came by penalties. The Jaguars arrange final among 32 teams in sum and rushing offense and are 28th in flitting offense, with far-reaching receivers Cecil Shorts III and Ace Sanders — their tip dual pass-catchers a year ago — carrying missed both games and parsimonious finish Marcedes Lewis now approaching to be out for during slightest a subsequent 6 weeks given of a high ankle sprain.

Bradley pronounced a conversations he has had with his partner coaches have dealt with schemes rather than personnel. While not statute out a probable reorganization during other positions and revelation ”it felt like during times we played with a miss of awareness” on offense, he has nonetheless to vary from a position a classification has confirmed on bringing Bortles along solemnly given holding him with a third altogether preference out of UCF.

”There’s going to be some changes that take place,” Bradley said. ”If you’re seeking usually (about) a quarterback, that review hasn’t come up.”

Except for a 63-yard touchdown pass to Lewis and a 54-yard execution to rookie far-reaching receiver Allen Robinson, a longest play from struggle a Jaguars had Sunday was a 12-yard hasten by Henne. By comparison, a Redskins had 5 plays of 20 yards or some-more — all after Kirk Cousins transposed a harmed Robert Griffin III in a initial entertain — and 3 some-more of 19 yards.

In further to being sacked 4 times in a initial half and 6 some-more in a second, Henne was knocked down on 4 throws. He was also intercepted in a fourth entertain for a initial time this season.

”I will contend this: we consider Chad achieved well,” Bradley said. ”But it’s tough to contend that when he had 14 sacks. I’d like to go behind and demeanour and see how many were due to pressure, how many were due to (something else), and afterwards weigh all as a whole.”

An descent line that gave adult 3 sacks of Henne a week progressing during Philadelphia, one of that resulted in a fail that a Eagles returned for a score, could get right tackle Austin Pasztor behind this week. Pasztor fractured his right palm a month ago, and Cameron Bradfield — who had been starting in his place — was pulled opposite a Redskins in preference of Sam Young. Rookie core Luke Bowanko also got his initial regular-season snaps in a fourth entertain after replacing Jacques McClendon.

But a disaster of a line to strengthen Henne was frequency a error of usually Bradfield and McClendon.

”Chad’s a tough guy, and we consider he valid that (Sunday),” pronounced left ensure Zane Beadles, a Jaguars’ many notable offseason free-agent signing. ”Chad’s a man that knows this offense and knows how to play quarterback in this league. None of us had a good day.”

Added left tackle Luke Joeckel: ”We have sum certainty in Chad. We can’t censure any one person. we didn’t do well. we didn’t get my pursuit done. And each man usually needs to demeanour during himself and repair those things.”

Shorts, who done a outing to Washington though remained sidelined given of a hamstring injury, was tender with a resilience Henne showed in a face of adversity.

”He got strike a lot (Sunday),” he said. ”He didn’t protest one time. He didn’t contend one disastrous thing on a sidelines, not one. He played his boundary off and did what he could.”

The Jaguars conduct into their home opener Sunday opposite a Indianapolis Colts carrying scored 10 points in their final 6 quarters, conjuring adult memories of when they managed usually a safety, a margin idea and a touchdown in their initial dual games a year ago on their approach to an 0-8 start. But Shorts was austere that no such repeat lies ahead.

”We’ve got some things to work on,” he said. ”But we’ll be fine. There’s no reason to panic or give me these stats (about) a final dual years. we don’t care. It’s Week 2.”

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