Rouhani: Halt on flights over Syria would assistance radicals

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UNITED NATIONS — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday assimilated in hostile a call by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to hindrance all flights over Syria in efforts to get service shipments through, observant that would usually assistance Islamic radicals benefit ground.

Rouhani also purported Washington was sowing fear among financial institutions wanting to do business with his nation as partial of a sanctions service due Tehran underneath a understanding with 6 powers in sell for curbs on a chief program.

He spoke on a sidelines of a U.N. General Assembly a day after a U.S. supervision gave aviation giants Airbus and Boeing Co. a go-ahead to sell aircraft to Iran as partial of a landmark deals underneath a chief agreement potentially value some $50 billion.

The effusive administration of President Barack Obama is penetrating to uncover that it is honoring a mercantile terms of a chief pact. But Rouhani pronounced accede should have been postulated months progressing underneath terms of a chief agreement and criticized a “severe delay.”

Coming during exhilarated Security Council discuss Tuesday, Kerry’s offer to hindrance all flights was met with feud both in Moscow and even in Washington. Gen. Joseph Dunford, authority of a Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress any education of quarrel planes should bar American aircraft, and Russia’s emissary unfamiliar apportion pronounced education flights would make matters worse, a perspective echoed Thursday by Rouhani.

Kerry called for a stop to all flights after an airstrike on a charitable assist procession this week that killed 20 civilians. But Rouhani suggested atmosphere strikes sojourn a best approach of dispute on Islamic radicals.

“If we belligerent flights,” he said, “you are helping a terrorists either we like it or not since a terrorists … are good versed solely for an atmosphere force.”

Iran strongly backs Assad’s supervision and Rouhani pronounced a initial priority now should be removing assist to those in need. The second contingency be a continued concentration “on a quarrel opposite terrorism,” and a third should be “to pave a correct path” to elections including all groups and domestic parties in Syria, he said

Iran complains that general financial sanctions are not being carried fast adequate underneath a agreement that stipulates a dismissal of these and other penalties imposed over Tehran’s chief module in sell for Tehran’s agreement to quell atomic activities that could be used to make a bomb. Tehran says America is to blame, a thesis Rouhani sounded both in an progressing debate to a General Assembly and in his comments to reporters.

While U.S. financial institutions sojourn underneath parsimonious restrictions as partial of non-nuclear associated sanctions, Rouhani pronounced that other banks protest about treacherous signals from a U.S. Treasury Department that emanate a “lot of doubt” about a legality of doing business with Tehran.

“As one thing they tell them ‘you are giveaway to rivet with Iran in banking activity,’” he said. “At other times, they … enter a locus with threats.

“They dismay a large banks,” he said.

He pronounced restrictions on U.S. companies doing business in Iran as partial of sanctions that sojourn in place outward a chief understanding were America’s problem. For Tehran’s part, pronounced Rouhani, “we have no issues for traders, technicians business owners, association member to come to Iran.”

Addressing a array of new encounters between Iranian and American army lifting tensions in and around a Persian Gulf, Rouhani denied that his country’s troops was to blame, while doubt a need for a U.S. naval build adult in a Persian Gulf.

“Our armed army don’t have a goal to be adventurous,” he said. “Their usually goal is to urge their territorial borders.”

On U.S. elections, Rouhani pronounced it’s not vicious who wins though either a leader is peaceful “to honour a rights and dignities of nations,” generally Iran.

Generally assuage in tone, his comments to reporters were in contrariety to his debate that pulled few punches.

Alluding to Washington, he placed a censure for a widespread of extremism on a responses by “great powers” to a Sept. 11 attacks. Rouhani pronounced these led to a some-more uncertain universe by “advancing opposite methods of hang-up and troops involvement underneath a stratagem of formulating a secure sourroundings for their citizens.”

He also was vicious of a U.S. Supreme Court statute this year permitting families of victims of bombing attacks that Washington says were related to Iran to concede financial indemnification from that country. At risk for Tehran is $1.75 billion in bonds, and accumulating interest.

But he was many tough on Saudi Arabia. Bitter rivals, Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran are on opposite sides in a Syrian dispute as good as fighting substitute wars in Yemen where Houthi rebels are battling supervision forces. Traditional tensions have been exacerbated by final year’s vanquish and bolt during a annual eventuality to Sunni holy sites. Thousands of Iranian pilgrims died and Tehran says bad classification of a eventuality by a dried dominion is to blame.

Rouhani urged a Saudis to “compensate for past mistakes.” Riyadh, he said, “must stop and terminate from divisive policies, widespread of hatred beliefs and trampling on a rights of neighbors,” while usurpation “responsibility for a insurance of a lives and grace of pilgrims. “


Associated Press author Edith Lederer contributed to this report.

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