Roku only rested a streaming box lineup, with a $30 Chromecast torpedo heading a way

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Roku announced a indiscriminate modernise of a renouned stand of media streamers on Monday, with a introduction of 5 new boxes.

The many apparent news is that a association has rebranded a bulk of a lineup, as formerly hinted.

Gone are a entry-level Roku 1, a midtier Rokus 2 and 3, and a high-end Roku 4 — now, you’ve got a Roku Express (and Express Plus), a Roku Premiere, a Roku Premiere Plus, and a Roku Ultra. (The Roku Streaming Stick will sojourn during about $50.)

Of those, a Roku Express is expected to make a biggest splash. At $30, it’s a many affordable pennon a association has expelled to date, and it should give Google’s Chromecast some critical foe on a bill finish of a market.

Roku, for a part, pitches a name change as a approach of simplifying a purchasing process. That’s debatable, though possibly way, a boxes themselves don’t move many surprises.

What they do bring, however, is a approach for Roku to directly contest with any of a vital rivals: The Premier and a Premier Plus are done to take on Amazon’s Fire TV in a midrange, while a new Ultra looks like a absolute Apple TV choice on a reward side.

Here’s a closer demeanour during what we can expect.

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