Robert Griffin III’s struggles are means for concern

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The 2014 deteriorate presented itself as Robert Griffin III‘s event for redemption. After Week 1, that event still remains. But things are off to a discouraging start.

The third-year quarterback struggled to pierce a Redskins’ offense for 4 buliding in a 17-6 loss to a Texans on Sunday, frequency pulling a round downfield while display nothing of a bomb using ability that helped make him an present star as a rookie in 2012.

Griffin’s final numbers were OK (29 of 37 for 267 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs, one mislaid fumble), though they don’t start to tell a story. Griffin looked worried and uncertain of himself. That easy certainty we saw during his rookie deteriorate is absent.

How tiny was Washington’s offense? According to ESPN, Griffin’s 8 completions to free-agent import DeSean Jackson averaged 2.4 yards in stretch by a air. Given Jackson’s famed big-play reputation, this is roughly unfit to make clarity of.

Jay Gruden’s gameplan played a large role, of course. The Texans finished a preference not to let Washington kick them with large plays, adventurous a Redskins’ offense to kick them with a some-more process approach. There was also pressure: According to ESPN, a Texans had 14 hits and 3 sacks on Griffin. We tremble to consider what J.J. Watt would’ve finished if RGIII had attempted to bond on some longer building low routes.

Which brings us to a other concern: Griffin isn’t wearing that massive knee prop anymore. He’s ostensible to be healthy, or during slightest a many healthy he’s been given his January 2013 knee injury. But we didn’t get a good thought of that on Sunday. Griffin looked infirm as Houston pass rushers sealed in, his ability to shun defenders particularly absent. Is it left forever?

“You can take a good,” Griffin pronounced after a game, according to The Washington Post. “Stats don’t win we games, though if we demeanour during a sum yards, time of possession, a volume of initial downs we were getting, it was building adult to where we would consider we had 28, 35 points.”

In reality, a Redskins built adult to accurately 6 points. It’s misleading if Gruden trusts his quarterback. It’s tough to contend if this chronicle of Griffin even trusts himself.

The latest “Around The NFL Podcast” covers a Falcons’ impressive offense, RGIII’s struggles and recaps all Sunday’s Week 1 action.

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