Robbie Lawler keeps welterweight belt vs. Carlos Condit during UFC 195

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5:58 AM ET

LAS VEGAS — It’s usually Jan. 2, yet quarrel of a year for 2016 competence already be sealed up.

Defending UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler (27-10) available his second invulnerability during UFC 195 on Saturday by defeating challenger Carlos Condit by separate preference after 5 entertaining, back-and-forth rounds inside MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Judges Tony Weeks and Derek Clearly any scored a hitch for Lawler 48-47. Judge Chris Lee had it 48-47 for Condit. scored it 48-47 in Lawler’s favor.

Both fighters survived early knockdowns in what continued a two-year tradition of razor-thin pretension fights. Since 2014, all 4 170-pound championship fights have left into a fifth round, and dual have resulted in separate decisions.

Miocic demolishes Arlovski during UFC 195

Stipe Miocic didn’t rubbish any time. The heavyweight contender finished former champion Andrei Arlovski in a initial notation of a quarrel and immediately asked for a shot during a title.

  • Photos: UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit

    Look behind during a best photos from UFC 195 in Las Vegas, including welterweight champion Robbie Lawler’s split-decision feat over Carlos Condit.

  • “Carlos is a helluva fighter,” Lawler said. “He comes from one of a best camps in a universe and had a good diversion plan. We battled it out. There were dual winners tonight. Let’s do it again.”

    Condit (30-9), who fights out of Jackson-Wink in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was friendly in defeat, even yet he felt he did adequate to lift a pretension from a champ.

    “I knew he was going to come out guns blazing,” Condit said. “Even if we consider you’re winning, we have to quarrel and have to win a final round.”

    Talk of a rematch of a fight, that drew a reported assembly of 10,300, began immediately after it concluded. UFC boss Dana White, who scored a quarrel for Condit, was neutral on a possibility.

    “We’ll see how thing plays out. You can’t make these kinds of fights right after a fight, we know? I’m certain Condit would like to do it again … we honour both guys a lot, and we’ll see what happens. Those dual were only in a five-round, comprehensive war. Let’s see how they feel in a few days.”

    Considering a 48-47 scores, a quarrel did come down to a final round. After being outstruck by Condit in sum strikes 42-6 in a fourth, Lawler came out with a clarity of coercion in a fifth. Even opposite Condit, who is famous for extraordinary endurance, a champion was means to harm him with punches opposite a fence.

    Condit never went down in a final round, yet it was transparent he was rocked. He fell vigourously behind into a enclosure after interesting a Lawler left palm and began draining from a mouth. He eventually responded with strikes of his possess as a quarrel ended, and a throng roared as they traded tired punches in a pocket.

    “Not neurologically, yet I’m lumped adult a small bit,” Condit pronounced when asked if he was harm in a fifth. “I felt we had 3 rounds in a bag, yet that’s because we don’t leave it to a judges.”

    The 31-year-old after pronounced he would need to reassess his subsequent pierce following a unsatisfactory result.

    “I’ve been during this a prolonged time, over 40 veteran MMA fights and kickboxing. we came adult brief tonight. It was kind of a do-or-die impulse for my career, we feel like, and we was all-in. If we got that strap, I’m going to keep fighting. If we didn’t, like we didn’t, we have to see if we can continue doing this.”

    It was Condit who drew initial blood in a opening round, when he knocked Lawler down with a lead right hand. Lawler bounced immediately behind to his feet and answered by knocking Condit down with a opposite right palm in a following round.

    The third turn was arguably a closest of a fight. Condit looked to take advantage of his range, as he peppered Lawler with side and front kicks. Lawler, who fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida, elite to collect his shots and attempted to use footwork to work closer to his longer opponent. He landed a tough counterright bend mid by a round.

    Overall, Condit out-landed Lawler in sum strikes, 198-78, according to Fightmetric. He wobbled Lawler with a right palm to a church in a fourth turn and seemed to be on a verge of another knockdown, yet Lawler threw behind dangerous counters that corroborated him off. Neither warrior attempted a takedown during a 5 rounds.

    Other than a potentially damaged toe for Condit, both fighters pronounced they emerged from a quarrel reduction critical injury.

    Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (15-3) had been announced formerly by White as a subsequent pretension contender. Condit, who unsuccessfully challenged Georges St-Pierre for a pretension in Nov 2012, drops to 2-4 in his past 6 contests.

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