Roadshow: 37-cent a gallon burst in Los Angeles-area gas stations possible

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Gas prices are inching aloft in a Bay Area, though only be grateful we don’t have to fill adult in Southern California, where prices could burst 37 cents a gallon this weekend.

The Consumer Watchdog organisation pronounced Thursday that a switch to a state’s some-more costly summer mix of fuel triggered a increase.

But a impact will not be as serious in Northern California. Maybe a dime or two.

“Northern Cal won’t face a same spike,” pronounced Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court. “The reason is a summer mix changeover took place according to report on Feb. 15 in a north though was behind in a south for a week, and that caused this disruption.

“Now it will be SoCal’s turn, and it will be in for a big-time gasoline cost spike.”

The state normal stood during $2.31 Thursday, though several stations in San Jose bumped it adult 3 cents or some-more from a day earlier. This is 38 cents reduce than a month ago and 72 cents cheaper than a year ago, according to AAA.

Prices have depressed to reduction than $2 a gallon during countless Bay Area stations and as low as $1.73 during some Central Valley stores.

“It’s been nice,” pronounced engineer Fred Lee, of Fremont. “But everybody knows it won’t last.”

Californians were profitable some-more than 90 cents a gallon than drivers nationally only a few weeks ago. Now it’s a 59-cent gap: $1.72 to $2.31.

California’s large decrease in prices was attributed to an oversupply of winter-blend gasoline. Building a winter-blend register with a smog-busting summer chronicle led to outrageous discounts, according to

“As a result, gas prices plummeted where during one indicate Los Angeles indiscriminate gasoline prices were a cheapest in a nation, a singular occurrence,” researcher Will Speer wrote in a blog.

Oil was offered for around $32 a tub Thursday and is down about 15 percent this year on conjecture of a tellurian bolt continuing, Iran being behind offered oil and packed U.S. inventories.

Domestic wanton oil inventories reached their top turn for this time of year in scarcely 8 decades, causing prices to sojourn nearby their lowest cost indicate given a Great Recession.

High gasoline inventories and continued prolongation are cited as reasons for gripping prices low statewide. According to a latest AAA Fuel Gauge Report, siphon prices are down $0.36, with a normal cost of unleaded unchanging during $2.49 per gallon as of Thursday.

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Cheapest gas in brook area

$1.87 — Arco on Cypress Road in Oakley
$1.85 — Arco on Redwood Highway in Mill Valley
$1.89 — Costco on Monument Boulevard in Concord
$1.93 — Valero on Winchester Boulevard in Campbell
$1.94 — Moe’s Stop on McKee Road in San Jose


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