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Viva Las Vegas, land of Sheldon Adelson, a stadium of a late, good Rat Pack and home of one of a world’s dual largest wiring exhibitions.

If it has a plug, batteries or LED, it’s in Las Vegas this week.

The International Consumer Electronics Show began with press day Jan. 5 and ends Saturday.

In this epoch of present Internet, a judgment of “press day” is quaintly antique, given all a presentations are live online.

Generally there are during slightest a measure of press events on press day, that once on a time featured a vast apportion of cocktail shrimp.

Ford, once a automobile association though now deeply concerned with consumer electronics, accelerated out of a embankment during 7:30 a.m. on press day. Ford now calls itself a “mobility” company, anticipating a cut of a income from “transportation services.”

Ford promoted peer-to-peer automobile pity and being means to lease electric cars by a minute, rather identical to Zipcar.

Ford will make Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accessible on a Sync 3 height and is afterwards restraining this in with 4G mobile in a 2017 indication year.

A exclusive “Smart Device Link” preference of apps will tie it all together. Ford crowed that Toyota concluded to join with Ford on this system.

Ford also is partnering with Amazon to work with Amazon Echo, a Amazon voice-controlled hands-free home orator that works with Amazon’s Alexa cloud-based intelligence.

You can control your intelligent home inclination from your automobile and open your garage doorway from a retard divided with a voice authority and to some border control your automobile from your home, such as remote start and meaningful how many gas we have in a tank.

Ford continues operative on totally unconstrained driving, tripling a distance of a unconstrained automobile contrast fleet. The newest vehicles used Velodyne third era LIDAR (a form of radar regulating lasers instead of radio waves.

In maybe a many extraordinary revelation, Ford betrothed a initial totally unconstrained vehicles will not be usually oppulance cars. However, deliberation a presumably large news from a few weeks ago that Ford was teaming adult with Google, Ford done no discuss of Google.

LG Electronics followed on a heels (wheels?) of Ford with a second CES press conference.

LG also stressed record for cars, earnest a ability of transforming all interior surfaces adult to a 43-inch display.

LG also announced softened sensors for softened record for existent cars and eventually unconstrained vehicles. LG will yield a energy sight for GM’s new era of electric cars, such as a 2016 Chevy Volt, as good as batteries and motors for other automobile manufacturers.

As with other companies, LG combined an “ultra-premium” brand, LG Signature. The Signature G6 OLED 4K TV, with a OLED arrangement row connected to a potion row for a sum 2.57 millimeter thickness. It’s one of a initial TVs to incorporate a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) standard. The mount contains all a wiring and a speakers.

The new LG Signature TV incorporates “Dolby Vision” to raise a design with ultra-vivid colors and darkest blacks from video available in Dolby Vision. Nearly a whole LG line will embody Dolby Vision. LG will deliver OLED TVs trimming in shade sizes from 55 to 77 inches.

Panasonic quested to recover a former prestige. A decade ago it was one of a “big 3″ companies during CES. First a association showed a “E-cockpit” for a automobile of a future, as good as a lithium-ion batteries for a newest Lincoln MKZ hybrid car. It touted a Ora (pronounced aura) home automation (Internet of Things) technology.

Panasonic also introduced a 65-inch OLED TV and a 4K Blu-ray actor to match. It’s a initial THX-certified OLED TV.

Perhaps some-more useful and singular is being means to concentration a print after holding a shot with a new Lumix cameras. Panasonic reintroduced a reward Technics audio line, that it had dropped many years ago, including a revamp of a famous SL1200 turntable.

We’ll have many some-more from CES subsequent week.

Rich Warren, who lives in a Champaign area, is a longtime reviewer of consumer electronics. He can be emailed during

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