Rex gives obscenity-laced debate to enthuse Bills

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Rex Ryan competence be publicly downplaying conjecture about his pursuit security, though behind a scenes, a Buffalo Bills’ second-year manager has concurred his pursuit competence be on a line this season.

Filmed for a team-produced documentary patrician “Rex and Rob Reunited” that initial aired on Buffalo-area radio Saturday, a burning Ryan told his group in a assembly during a commencement of training stay that he has a “massive chip on [his] shoulder” since of critique he faced following final season’s 8-8 finish.

Rex has path rope private to behind hermit Rob

Rex Ryan had his path rope private in a uncover of oneness with his hermit Rob, who had to have a device private due to complications, a Bills’ conduct manager told a New York Post.

“Everything’s questioned,” Ryan told his players. “I forgot to how to f—ing coach. ‘The players don’t respond to Rex, he don’t know what a f— he’s doing anymore.'”

Ryan afterwards quoted Muhammad Ali — ‘I’m going to uncover we how f—ing good we am’ — and told his group that a “best punish is large success” this season.

“That’s where I’m at,” Ryan continued. “It ain’t about being No. 1 in defense, No. 1 in offense, whatever. No, it’s about us in this room, holding this damn prize observant we won a whole m—-f—–,” he said. “That’s where I’m at. Don’t be fearful of it. we don’t give a s— who knows it. Here we are. Here a f— we are. That’s who a f— we am.

“I’m going to tell we we’re a f—ing best since we trust it. Let me f—ing contend it. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll be a initial m—–f—– that goes. And everybody one of you, we f—ing know you’ve got my back. All we wish is each f—ing thing we got. I’ll take each f—ing bullet famous to man.”

Ryan also pushed behind opposite those who labeled his employing of twin hermit Rob this offseason a “nepotism,” revelation his group in a Jul assembly that “people are going to see” how good of a manager Ryan believes his hermit to be.

“But this is a f—ing team,” Ryan pronounced after in a speech. “And anything pronounced about anyone in this f—ing room, we should take personally. You win with guys that are [close]. Nobody comes between us. It ain’t a doubt about how most we’re going to win. We’re going to win. Do we have work to do? You’re goddamn right we got a s—load of work to do to get there. But aren’t we a guys for a f—ing job?”

The Bills began their unchanging deteriorate with a 13-7 detriment Sunday to a Baltimore Ravens. They horde Ryan’s former team, a New York Jets, on Thursday night.

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