Review: Micheal Kors Access Bradshaw Android Wear Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are still seen by many as a niche product. Which is since many smartwatches don’t sell all that well. Then there’s also a box for these smartwatches being flattering large, compared to normal watches, not to discuss a battery life. Up until this year, many normal watch makers hadn’t jumped into a smartwatch space. However this year, Fossil, TAG Heuer and now Michael Kors have launched their possess Android Wear-powered smartwatches. Michael Kors has dual smartwatches permitted that run on Android Wear, a Bradshaw and Dylan, these start during $350. That’s a bit reduce than what a Moto 360, and Huawei Watch were labelled at, when they launched final year. Does that meant a Bradshaw is a softened smartwatch? Let’s find out.


The specs of Bradshaw are about what you’d design from a smartwatch, and line adult flattering likewise to other Android Wear smartwatches permitted right now. It’s sporting a code new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor (which as we can tell by a name, is done privately for wearables), and that is interconnected with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It does embody an accelerometer and gyroscope for sensors, and for connectivity we have WiFi b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.1.

Where things are a bit conflicting is in a distance of a watch. The box distance here is 44.5mm and immaculate steel. That creates a Bradshaw a bit smaller than some other smartwatches on a market, and in between a dual Moto 360 sizes (42mm and 46mm) that Lenovo offers. The Bradshaw does support changing out a straps, and any customary 22mm tag will work with a Bradshaw.


When it comes to a Michael Kors Access Bradshaw, there are many conflicting styles available. There are 9 options available, right now. Of those nine, about 6 are with steel bands. We are reviewing a MKT5003, that is bullion with a brownish ribbon down a core of a strap. It’s a good demeanour smartwatch, nonetheless I’d privately cite a MKT5000 that has a china surrounding and a white strap. Remember that if we collect adult a Bradshaw and don’t like a strap, any other 22mm tag will work usually fine.

The build peculiarity of a Bradshaw is unequivocally tip notch. Of course, entrance from Michael Kors, that’s what we would expect. It does, unfortunately, have that “flat-tire” demeanour that Motorola done renouned with a Moto 360 smartwatches. we don’t so many mind a look, yet we don’t like a fact that it is a same tone as a watch casing. For example, we have a bullion surrounding here, and a prosaic tire is colored in gold. Making it mount out a bit more. It would have been softened to be in black, where it would mix in with a watch face a bit some-more (especially in standby given it goes to black anyways). But that is how they were means to give us a good looking watch yet it being super vast on a wrist. So corners did have to be cut somewhere.

Michael Kors did keep a symbol (or a watch crown) during a 3 o’clock position. As against to where Huawei and Lenovo put it on their latest smartwatches, that has it during a 2 o’clock position. It doesn’t unequivocally make a large disproportion for usability, yet it is a bit some-more gentle when it’s sitting during a 2 o’clock position. The watch climax doesn’t do anything special, that it doesn’t already do on other Android Wear smartwatches. Press it and it lights adult a display, or it’ll take we behind home. Pretty simple. On a conflicting side, nearby a 9 o’clock position, is a set of microphones. That is not a speaker, as one would expect, yet a set of microphones creation it easier to use Google Now voice actions. And carrying mixed microphones there should make it easier for Google Now to know you, generally in loud environments.

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on how we demeanour during it, there’s no heart rate guard permitted on a Michael Kors Access Bradshaw. Now this isn’t a large understanding to us, since a heart rate sensor on a backside of other smartwatches regulating Android Wear have not been all that accurate. Which does also meant that Google Fit is a tiny reduction useful than with other Android Wear smartwatches. But Google Fit does still work here, it’s usually a bit worse to automatically detect some of your workouts. There’s zero on a backside of a watch, besides some FCC information and such. There’s also a “Michael Kors” trademark on a backside that looks flattering good to be honest.

Bradshaw is a large watch, even yet it’s arrange of being marketed as a “women’s” smartwatch. It’s large and it’s heavy. You unequivocally won’t forget that it is on your wrist. It’s there to be noticed, and not to be missed, like a Moto 360 is, in some respects. But it does roar quality. So if you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks great, and is top-notch in a peculiarity department, afterwards this is a good one to take a demeanour at.


We do have something new here in Bradshaw and that’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. This processor was announced progressing this year, yet not permitted in any consumer-facing products until this Fall. The large business of this processor are Fossil and Michael Kors – interestingly enough, Fossil creates all of Michael Kors watches including a Bradshaw. So here we have a drastically softened processor over a Snapdragon 400 that has been in many of a other smartwatches that have come to market. The large differences in a Snapdragon Wear 2100 contra a Snapdragon 400 is that a processor is smaller, permitting OEM’s to fit some-more battery in or make their watches smaller. But it also reduces energy consumption, it’s some-more fit and has some-more sensor support. All of that are pivotal to a destiny of smartwatches.

Now a large doubt is, how does that Snapdragon Wear 2100 perform? To be honest, it doesn’t seem to be many conflicting than a Snapdragon 400. The Snapdragon 400 was already a flattering good chip. For a many partial it didn’t have any issues with Android Wear – solely for with a few smartwatches. The Snapdragon Wear 2100 is good and poignant in a Bradshaw, interjection to a 512MB of RAM that’s included. Battery life does seem to be improved, yet afterwards again that is apples to oranges, deliberation other smartwatches we’ve reviewed had conflicting shade sizes, pixel firmness and even a conflicting battery size. But there were no instances of loiter whatsoever with a Snapdragon Wear 2100. Which is good to see with a smartwatch

When it comes to battery life, it can get we by a day, and that’s about it. As is a box with many other smartwatches regulating Android Wear. We typically unplugged around 7am, and put it behind on a horse during about 11pm or midnight. That’s around 17 hours of usage, and it would typically have around 30-45% left on a charge. So it could approaching get we a full 24 hours, yet we wouldn’t count on it durability a full dual days, unless we don’t have it syncing with your smartphone.

Charging a Bradshaw incited out to be a bit of an annoyance. It does assign wirelessly (although it doesn’t seem to be Qi wireless charging compatible), regulating a enclosed white wire with a tiny front trustworthy during a end. You lay a watch on that front and it will charge. However, there’s no approach to keep it on that disc, unfortunately. With other smartwatches that assign wirelessly, like a Gear S2, Gear S3 and a Moto 360, they use a dock, basically, that keeps a watch in place while it charges. Something that Michael Kors should use for this smartwatch so that it will stay on a horse via a night. we had unequivocally tiny issues with it charging, after a initial few days. But it can be a bit of annoyance. Imagine plugging a Bradshaw in a night before, usually to arise adult to a passed watch. Not a fun thing.


When it comes to software, there’s not many new here with Bradshaw. But that won’t be a story for many longer. At Google I/O in May, a hunt hulk denounced Android Wear 2.0. Which is approaching to make a approach to smartwatches commencement this fall. While Michael Kors hasn’t announced that their dual smartwatches will get a update, it’s unequivocally approaching that they will. Having pronounced that, a indication that we have been reviewing is regulating Android 1.5 that is formed off of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and that is build MWE26B.

Android Wear is fundamentally what we would design on Bradshaw. You have your app drawer to a right of a watch face, with your many recently used apps during a top. If we continue to appropriate over, we can burst into your contacts and afterwards once again for voice commands. The contacts row is utterly useful, as we are means to select a hit and afterwards send them a summary or even call them (although a Bradshaw does not have a speaker, that means we will need to use your smartphone to indeed make a call). Swiping adult from a bottom of a watch will exhibit your notifications from a connected smartwatch. These have their possess actions – that are conflicting for any app – and eventually can be dismissed. If we appropriate down from a top, you’ll exhibit a battery commission and date. But we can also see a slew of discerning settings. The initial one is for Do Not Disturb, followed by Sound and Theater Mode, Brightness Boost and Settings turn out a 5 settings here. Theater Mode is one my favorites, as we can simply set a watch to not light adult any time we get a notification, so it doesn’t worry others in a film theater, or wherever we competence be. The Brightness Boost is another good one for while you’re outdoor and are in approach sunlight. It creates a arrangement many easier to read.

There’s another member to a program here though, and that’s a Android Wear messenger app that lives on your Android smartphone. With a Android Wear app, we can select from a slew of conflicting watch faces that are available, and there are copiousness of Michael Kors’ disdainful watch faces permitted here. The app also has a slew of settings available, some of that are permitted on a watch, yet being means to change them on a smartphone is a bit easier, given a many incomparable display. From here we can do things like adjust actions (whether to use Google Maps for navigation and such), as good as check a watch’s battery and storage. You can also tongue-tied phone alerts and calls when your watch is connected. So that approach usually a watch will make sound for a presentation and not a phone too. There is also a by-pass to a Android Wear concordant app territory in Google Play. So that we are means to conduct into Google Play and download some new apps for your watch.

All in all, a program on Bradshaw isn’t anything special. It’s mostly a same as any other smartwatch available, that’s regulating on Android Wear. Like we mentioned before, that will change shortly with a large Android Wear 2.0 renovate that’s entrance flattering soon. What’s critical here is that Android Wear runs unequivocally good on this new Michael Kors smartwatch, and that’s what everybody should expect, generally with a code new processor here.


While we can get notifications from any app on your smartphone, onto your wrist with Android Wear, there are many other apps permitted for your wrist. There’s a slew of watch face apps, that we count down a top 10 best any and any month. But some of a other critical apps that are permitted embody Wunderlist, Trello, Todoist, Google Keep, and IF. Google Keep is a good app for holding annals on a go. Need to make a note about doing something a bit after on today? No problem, usually tell your watch to remind we after currently with Google Keep, or even after on in a future.

There are also copiousness of apps for tracking your activity. Throughout this review, we’ve been regulating Google Fit, as good as Water Drink Reminder. This app radically reminds we to splash H2O via a day. Now this is critical no matter if a continue is prohibited or cold, as everybody needs to stay hydrated any and any day. Google Fit is a good app to lane your activity, as it will lane your steps, calories burnt and your active time. By default, it wants we to be active for about 60 mins a day and take around 10,000 stairs a day. Both goals are flattering easy to achieve. The app will also tell we when we took your stairs and how many we took. You can change a timeline to a week perspective or even month perspective to see how we smoke-stack adult over time. Google Fit does also keep lane of your personal annals for longest run, farthest run, longest bike float and farthest bike ride. So we can keep adult with yourself and get softened over time, and in sell you’ll substantially dump some weight and turn a bit some-more healthy.

There are many apps already permitted for Android Wear, with some-more and some-more entrance any week. If we are usually regulating Android Wear for notifications from your smartphone, we aren’t regulating a height to a full potential. So it’s unequivocally value checking out a Android Wear territory on Google Play to see what else is there.

Wrap Up

Michael Kors is one of a few oppulance watch makers that have jumped on a Android Wear bandwagon, and we’re unequivocally blissful that they did. The Bradshaw is a good looking smartwatch, yet there’s no doubt that it is unequivocally a large smartwatch. If a distance doesn’t both you, afterwards it’s unequivocally value holding a demeanour at. There are many conflicting styles permitted and it starts during usually $350, that is indeed a flattering good cost for a smartwatch, generally one of this kind of build quality. If we are watchful to see if Bradshaw will get Android Wear 2.0, we might be watchful a few some-more weeks, yet it should unequivocally get a update, saying as comparison smartwatches with comparison internals are removing a update.

The Michael Kors Bradshaw Android Wear smartwatch is permitted on Amazon right now, with all 9 styles permitted as well.

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