Report: Sales of First-Gen Google Glass Ending Amidst Overhaul

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Google is reportedly overhauling a Google Glass business brazen of a second-generation launch.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, a hunt hulk will mislay Google Glass from Google X, that handles up-and-coming “moonshot” projects, and put it underneath a control of Nest Labs owner Tony Fadell.

Google will also stop offered a Google Glass Explorer Edition to consumers on Jan. 19, yet businesses and developers will still be means to get it, a Journal said.

Google did not immediately respond to a ask for comment.

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Front

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Orange

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Earbuds

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Shades

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Prescription Lens

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : In Action

Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2 : Camera

Fortune pronounced a pierce does not vigilance a passing of Google Glass; a hunt hulk framed it as a step brazen given it is relocating over a proportions of Google X.

But a Journal pronounced Google will also be relocating into a self-imposed still duration of sorts, holding a some-more Apple-like proceed and improving Google Glass in private.

Fadell is, in fact, a former Apple executive. He left Cupertino in 2010 after roughly a decade during a firm, where he played a pivotal purpose in a growth of a iPod and iPhone. He after co-founded Nest Labs, that produces intelligent thermostats and fume detectors. It was acquired by Google about a year ago for $3.2 billion.

The Glass group is now run by Ivy Ross, who will news to Fadell, a Journal said.

Glass, meanwhile, debuted in Apr 2012 as “Project Glass.” Later that year, Google started usurpation pre-orders for a really early “Explorer Edition” of a $1,500 high-tech specs. For awhile, they were really tough to get, and had to be picked adult in person. It was not until final year that Google opened adult open sales of a glasses.

They still need some work, though. Besides a fact that they are not accurately super select (deals notwithstanding), there are some technical stipulations and remoteness concerns.

For more, see PCMag’s full examination of Google Glass Explorer Edition Version 2.0 and a slideshow above.

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