Report: Jets-Bills could be played in Detroit, Toronto or New Jersey

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There's a lot of sleet during Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. (Twitter/@BuffaloBills)
There’s a lot of sleet during Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. (Twitter/@BuffaloBills)

If a Jets and Bills can’t play in Buffalo on Sunday, a diversion could be changed to Detroit, Toronto or New Jersey, according to

The NFL hasn’t motionless what to do with a diversion yet, though with many of Buffalo underneath some-more than 6 feet of snow, it’s looking some-more and some-more like a diversion won’t be played as scheduled on Sunday during 1 p.m. during Ralph Wilson Stadium.

If a joining does confirm to pierce a game, it could be played any time between Sunday and Tuesday, according to PFT. If a game’s on Monday or Tuesday, personification in Buffalo would still be an option.

According to, a joining has set a Friday deadline for announcing a kickoff time for a game.

There’s several problems with holding a diversion in Buffalo: One is apparently a snow, though a other one is that a Bills haven’t used all week. The Bills couldn’t use on Thursday since there’s still a transport anathema in effect around their use trickery in Orchard Park.

As for a snow, there’s so most of it on a belligerent that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says personification a diversion on Sunday would be impractical.

“Everybody would adore to see a Bills diversion go forward, though we consider even more, everybody wants to make certain open reserve comes first,” Cuomo pronounced on Thursday, via “At this indicate in time, doing what we have to do with a pushing anathema and all we only pronounced — staying off a roads — would make a Bills diversion impractical.

Cuomo pronounced his preference comes down to a matter of open safety.

“So if we ask me today, right now, my dual cents would be it would be unreal to do a diversion since it could jeopardise open safety,” Cuomo said. “Maybe we get a mangle somewhere along a way, we get a mangle in a weather, a snow, a rain. And if there’s any approach that we can hasten to get it done, we know a mayor, a county executive and myself will do all we can to muster resources to make it possible. But now we’re focused on open safety.”

Another problem with holding a diversion in Buffalo is that Erie County can’t guarantee a Bills a volume of resources a county customarily offers on diversion day.

“Erie County officials have been in hold with a Bills,” Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz said. “We’ve been asked: ‘Can we dedicate to carrying puncture use crew and a sheriff’s bureau — a lead military group — during a game?’ we can tell we right now, during this moment, we can't dedicate to carrying puncture use crew and a sheriff’s office. At this moment, we can't dedicate to that on Sunday.”

As for a Bills, they’re doing all they can to get a track privileged by Sunday. The group has offered to compensate fans $10 per hour and give them tickets to a diversion if they’re peaceful to trowel snow.

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