Redstones call for Viacom-CBS merger

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The Redstone family, that owns a infancy of Viacom and CBS Corp.’s voting stocks, called Thursday for a partnership of a dual media giants, a pierce to safeguard a control and beget assets and potency amid heightened foe for viewers and elaborating technology.

The companies were housed underneath one association until a spin-off of Viacom’s assets ten years ago. Their reunification, if completed, would emanate a media powerhouse that would own a far-reaching operation of high-profile properties in wire and promote TV and in Hollywood. Viacom, whose land embody Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, BET and Nickelodeon, has some-more wire viewers collectively for a networks than any other wire channel user in a business. CBS is a No. 1 primetime promote network, with some of a most-watched TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.

“We trust that a multiple of CBS and Viacom competence offer estimable synergies that would concede a total association to respond even some-more aggressively and effectively to a hurdles of a changing celebration and media landscape,” pronounced a minute co-written by billionaire media noble Sumner Redstone and his daughter, Shari Redstone, and sent to the play of Viacom and CBS.

The letter was released by a Redstones’ privately reason museum sequence company, National Amusements Inc. (NAI), that owns 80% of a voting batch of Viacom and CBS. Sumner Redstone, who was a authority of Viacom and CBS until he stepped down progressing this year, is CEO of NAI, while Shari Redstone is president. Sumner Redstone, 93, is in need of round-the-clock caring and has problem communicating, and it is widely believed that Shari Redstone has taken over most of a family’s business affairs.

The Redstones are job for an all-stock deal, in that a shareholders of any company would receive shares in a total association of a same category as they now hold. Such a pierce would safeguard that a Redstones retain control of a post-merger company’s voting stock. They will not support any partnership of possibly association by a third celebration or other deals that might result in NAI losing its determining position, a minute said.

“We trust that any transaction should be a outcome of full and satisfactory concern and negotiation, and that any transaction would ensue usually if it is authorized by any board,” a minute read.

That a Redstones would introduce a partnership between a dual companies was widely expected given they resolutely retook control of Viacom’s house final month following a extensive authorised quarrel with former Viacom Chairman and CEO Philippe Dauman.

After Sumner Redstone stepped down as authority of Viacom in February, Dauman, who transposed him as a house chairman, fast sought to connect his energy and order strategies to energise a association that had been struggling to keep adult with nimbler competitors. The Redstones resisted his continued leadership, stealing him from Sumner Redstone’s trust that dictates a family’s business affairs if he were to die or turn incapacitated. They also nominated their possess Viacom house possibilities to remove Dauman and others.

Dauman sued to retard a family’s due changes, arguing that Shari Redstone was unduly conversion her father to seize control of Viacom and CBS. But in August, Dauman and a Redstones concluded to a legal settlement, substantiating a new Viacom house and Dauman leaving the association with a vast separation package.

Viacom is in a routine of acid for a new CEO. But it might not be required if a partnership is adopted by a companies’ boards. Shari Redstone has been an suitor and believer of CBS’ Chairman and CEO Les Moonves, and analysts trust she will actively partisan him to stay as a arch executive of a post-merger company. Moonves, 66, is deliberate a means TV programmer and is one of a highest-paid CEOs in a country.

Sumner and Shari Redstone, who are directors of Viacom and CBS, pronounced they will not opinion on a partnership preference and refrain from participating in “any of a associated deliberations,” a minute said. David Andelman, an profession during Lourie Cutler and a house member during CBS and NAI, likewise will not vote.

“While we have always noticed this as a bottom box unfolding for Viacom, a company’s negotiating position has been enervated over a final year due to stalling strategy by Viacom’s ex-management team,” wrote Kannan Venkateshwar, an attention researcher during Barclays, in an financier note. “Despite this however, we cruise a intensity multiple still profitable for Viacom shareholders.”

Analysts also consternation if Moonves, whose stream agreement with CBS expires in 2019, is peaceful to take on a turnaround plan in Viacom, that has a repute for being delayed to respond to placement technology, lacking programming creativity and carrying formidable relations with pay-TV operators. With promotion sales descending during a wire networks, Viacom’s mercantile third entertain net income sank 27% from a year ago. Viacom shares are down about 9% in a final 12 months.

“The expected resolution to this issue, in a view, would be for a Redstone family to concede finish vital and operational leisure to Mr. Moonves opposite a portfolio,” Venkateshwar wrote.

Shares of Viacom rose 3.3% Thursday to finish during $37.77. CBS jumped 0.8% to $54.57.

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