Recovery of bodies underway during Japanese volcano

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TOKYO (AP) — Military and other rescue workers began airlifting some-more than dual dozen bodies from a ash-blanketed rise of a Japanese volcano on Monday morning, as family members of a blank waited during a circuitously facile school.

At slightest 31 people are believed to have died. Four victims were flown down Sunday, and rescuers returned to 3,067-meter (10,062-foot) Mt. Ontake on Monday morning to redeem a remaining 27.

Scenes promote live on Japanese TV hire TBS showed soldiers carrying yellow physique bags one-by-one to a deception troops helicopter that had landed in a comparatively wide-open area of a now dour landscape, a rotors still spinning.

The initial bodies were flown to a circuitously jaunty field, a immature weed and surrounding forested hills resisting with Mt. Ontake’s ash-gray rise in a background, a reduced plume still rising from a crater.

There, they were eliminated to white military vans, while dual dozen officers struggled to reason adult prolonged blue tarps underneath a spinning rotors, restraint a perspective from a media.

The 4 brought down Sunday have been reliable dead, pronounced Takehiko Furukoshi, a Nagano prefecture crisis-management official.

The 27 others are listed as carrying heart and lung failure, a prevalent approach for Japanese authorities to news a physique until military doctors can inspect it.

Saturday’s tear was a initial deadly one in complicated times during Mount Ontake, a renouned climbing end 210 kilometers (130 miles) west of Tokyo on a categorical Japanese island of Honshu. A identical tear occurred in 1979, yet no one died.

Japanese media reported that some of a bodies were found in a board nearby a limit and that others were buried in charcoal adult to 50 centimeters (20 inches) deep. Police pronounced usually dual of a 4 reliable passed had been identified. Both were men, ages 23 and 45.

Mount Ontake erupted shortly before noon during maybe a misfortune probable time, with during slightest 250 people holding advantage of a pleasing tumble Saturday to go for a hike. The blast spewed vast white plumes of gas and charcoal high into a sky, blotted out a midday object and blanketed a surrounding area in ash.

Hundreds were primarily trapped on a slopes, yet many done their approach down by Saturday night.

About 40 people who were stranded overnight came down on Sunday. Many were injured, and some had to be discovered by helicopters or carried down on stretchers. By nightfall, all a harmed had been brought down, officials said.

Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency tallied 37 harmed people and pronounced it was perplexing to refurbish a series still missing.

Furukoshi pronounced rescuers gave priority to assisting a survivors come down, withdrawal behind those who were apparently but hope.

Survivors told Japanese media that they were pelted by rocks. One male pronounced he and others went into a groundwork of a lodge, fearing that a rocks would dig a roof. He lonesome himself with a futon, a skinny Japanese mattress, for protection.

“Even tiny eruptions can means vital repairs if people are around, as they get strike by rocks that come flying,” Nagoya University volcanologist Koshun Yamaoka pronounced during a news discussion Sunday.

Volcanoes can also kill by spewing poisonous gases and lung-choking ash.

Shinichi Shimohara, who works during a tabernacle during a feet of a mountain, pronounced he was on his approach adult Saturday morning when he listened a shrill sound that sounded like clever winds followed by “thunder” as a volcano erupted.


Associated Press videojournalist Emily Wang in Otaki, Japan, and author Ken Moritsugu in Tokyo contributed to this report.

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