Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, starts portion 10-year sentence

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Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who became a inhabitant figure in a arise of Hurricane Katrina, reported to sovereign jail Monday to start portion a 10-year tenure for crime that unfolded as a city sought to reconstruct in the aftermath of a 2005 storm. 

Nagin was convicted on 20 rapist counts, including income laundering and bribery, that stemmed from payments he perceived as a city doled out contracts in a liberation effort. Nagin skeleton to interest a conviction.

Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, condemned to 10 years in prison

With good behavior, he could be authorised for release after 8 years. His time will be served in a Texas sovereign prison.

Nagin, a Democrat and local of New Orleans, served as mayor from 2002 until 2010. He progressing worked as a cable-television executive. 

“I continue to pray, we know, ask God for strength. we speak to my family a lot. They’re dealing with it as best they can, and we’ll see what a destiny holds,” Nagin told local radio station WDSU before entering a prison. “Sept. 8 is a date that’s out there right now, though who knows what’s in a future.”

Since his self-assurance in February, Nagin has been underneath residence detain in his Dallas-area home. 

The federal indictment against Nagin pronounced he accepted more than $200,000 in bribes from contractors opposed to assistance reconstruct a city in a issue of Katrina, that flooded 80% of New Orleans, claimed 1,500 lives and caused $80 billion in damage. 

At his trial, Nagin testified that prosecutors misinterpreted justification opposite him, including emails and pages from his appointment calendar.

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