Raissman’s Upon Further Review: Fox curses Geno Smith, too

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Geno Smith not usually hears it from Jet fans, though also TV analysts, who take some inexpensive shots during a second year quarterback.Robert Sabo/New York Daily News Geno Smith not usually hears it from Jet fans, though also TV analysts, who take some inexpensive shots during a second year quarterback.

A quarterback underneath encircle can't squeeze thick skin. He can buy a supply of earplugs.

Judging by a feverishness he took Sunday, even before he mislaid to a Lions and afterwards accursed out a fan, Geno Smith is going to need both — and some-more — to hoop what’s entrance his way. Some of Smith’s critics were not confident charity analysis. They were out to confuse a quarterback, too.

At halftime, with a Jets down 17-3, Fox aired a prominence of Derek Jeter returning to a Yankees cave after his final at-bat in Boston. “Jeter is now retired,” Curt Menefee said. “Some Jets fans wish that Geno Smith would do a same thing.” Retire? The male is in his second deteriorate in a league. Menefee was never famous as a King of Sting. That bit of wit and knowledge puts him in a running. Congratulations.

Jimmy Johnson attempted to alleviate that inexpensive shot, er, blow with another angle. He pronounced if Rex Ryan eventually replaces Smith with Michael Vick, he could repairs a immature QB’s future. Michael Strahan squashed that theory, observant Ryan can’t be shackled by possibly Smith’s destiny or his romantic state.

“It’s veteran football,” Strahan said. “Who cares about your feelings?”

Bart Scott positively doesn’t. Before a Foxies dumped on Smith, Scott compared Vick to a “Ferrari who shouldn’t be kept in a garage” and compared Smith not to a small engine that could, though to a “Toyota Camry.”

“…(Smith) is a second-round breeze pick. He’s expendable,” Scott pronounced on CBS’ “The NFL Today.” “You are fibbing to your football group if we tell them Geno Smith gives we a best possibility to win right now. Rex has one feet out a doorway and another one on a banana peel. He’s coaching for his job. He improved get it right, right now.”

Remember, Scott, a former Jet who was always so friendly to a media, delivered his soliloquy over an hour before Smith incited a football over dual some-more times in a Meadowlands. Incredibly, Vick, an trusting bystander here, took heat. Bill Cowher , a jaw-jutting know-it-all, said: “Michael Vick is not a Ferrari….He’s an antique. And he looks good where he is as a backup quarterback.”

If Cowher pronounced this, it contingency be true. Either that or he was usually looking to one-up Scott.

For Smith, it will usually get worse. As we have all been told, over and over and over again, a Jets now have to run a Rivers-Manning-Brady gauntlet. You have substantially been informed, mostly inside a Valley of a Stupid, they will really remove all 3 games. So a usually thing left for Gasbags to chitchat about is possibly Ryan should give Smith a hook.

Either that or usually kick adult on Smith, who, with his postgame act, has done himself easiest of targets.

Not usually was a Jets quarterback conditions being pushed, ESPN lifted a ghost of some-more dysfunction and contrariety inside a organization.

On “NFL Countdown,” Adam Schefter reported “disenchantment inside” a Jets classification with GM J ohn Idzyk “lingers” over a GM’s preference not to spend income a Jets have on talent, generally in a secondary. Gee, we consternation accurately who inside a classification would be a many ticked off about that (Rex)?

But a bigger Jets bombshell on ESPN (surprised this dip was not saved for “Outside a Lines”) was delivered by Cris Carter who exclusively suggested that Jets DB’s “couldn’t even cover Chris Berman .”


Counting all forms of media, there are substantially thousands of cats paid to be NFL analysts. Coming adult with strange element can’t be easy.

That’s because Brandon Tierney, a member of CBSN’s “That Other Pregame Show” panel, deserves credit for his take on Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles — we think. Uh, during slightest it was different.

When explaining Bortles’ attributes, Tierney spoke of a quarterback’s participation on and off a field, that includes “his pleasing fiancé.” Judging by a quizzical/disgusted demeanour on her face, Amy Trask , another TOPS analyst, found Tierney’s acknowledgement chauvinistic.

She asked what does “the beauty of a player’s partner or fiancé have to do with anything?”

Tierney: “A male with a certainty to pursue afterwards eventually secure a pleasing woman, well, we feel flattering good about that male in a crowd revelation 10 other guys what to do.”

Why? Is this some new form of anticipation football. Does a QB move cinema of his partner or mother into a crowd for motivational purposes? Tierney did not exhibit possibly NFL scouts ask college quarterbacks to furnish photos of their girlfriends before a draft. That could trigger another NFL investigation.

Trask was not amused by Tierney’s take.

CBS researcher and former Jet Bart Scott likens Mike Vick (r.) to a Ferrari and Geno Smith (l.) to a Toyota Camry. Frank Franklin II/AP CBS researcher and former Jet Bart Scott likens Mike Vick (r.) to a Ferrari and Geno Smith (l.) to a Toyota Camry. 

“Wow, wow,” she said. “I don’t even know where to start with we on this, to quantify a woman. Beauty takes on many forms.”


During his promote career, Sterling Sharpe has been a contrarian. That’s a respectful approach of observant he is a …

So it’s no warn Sharpe’s not going gaga over a Giants opening in Washington Thursday night. When asked, on NFLN’s “GameDay First,” possibly a Giants were legitimate NFL East contenders, Sharpe gave a thumbs down.

“No. Right now, no,” he said. “I haven’t seen a consistency. …I wish to see some-more consistency.”

The gamble here is that won’t change his mind, either.



For a initial time in 3 weeks, a pregame shows were all about a diversion and not about off-field situations surrounding it. Not even a discuss of Ray Rice , domestic assault or a destiny of Roger Goodell.

Gloria Allred didn’t even get face time.

Those in assign of a NFL Network’s “GameDay” pregame show, whose analysts did not offer many opinions on a scandals, contingency have been respirating a whine of relief. They did not have to understanding with controversy. They also had Richard Sherman in studio to glom their airtime.

The approach Michael Irvin Co. fawned over Sherman done it seem as if he was their boss.

Or a destiny hazard to take their job.


Fox’s Johnson apparently has no magnetism for Peyton Manning.

During a discuss on possibly a OT manners should — again — be altered (to give a group a possibility to compare a first-possession touchdown), Johnson pronounced there would be no discuss if a luminary QB was not involved.

“Opportunity? He (Manning) had 60 mins of opportunity,” Johnson said, referring to final Sunday’s Broncos-Seahawks diversion in that Seattle took a OT kickoff down a margin for a winning TD. “He had copiousness of time tio win it in regulation.”



Rob Riggle , Fox’s purported pregame humorous bone, can be cruel.

Why else would he say: “Retiring from a NFL has the perks. It authorised Michael Strahan to live out Tiki Barber’s dream.”

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