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Another creation is underway as it was announced by Virgin Group and Qualcomm that they are investing to OneWeb’s, before famous as WorldVu Satellites Ltd., multi-billion plan of building a satellite constellation that aims to pierce internet entrance around a globe, Engadget reports.

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Telecom Entrepreneur Greg Wyler, owner of OneWeb, reliable a understanding between Virgin Group and Qualcomm. In fact, it is pronounced that alongside Greg Wyler, Richard Branson, Virgin founder, and Qualcomm’s Executive Chairman Dr. Paul Jacobs will be a partial of OneWeb’s Board of Directors.

Biilionaire Richard Branson and Virgin Group says that they will pierce a world’s largest satellite constellation ever. The plan that will run by OneWeb will use 648 little satellites (which might cost around $2 billion, according to Branson) by LauncherOne, Virgin Galactic’s module for satellite launches. This pierce will pierce write complement and high-speed internet in areas that “lacks internet access,” with larger fortitude and trustworthiness during a most reduce cost.

According to Virgin Group, some-more than 50 percent of a universe does not have any internet entrance as of 2014 and this satellite constellation will pierce new opportunities to billions of people that miss entrance to technology. The association combined that this pierce could significantly urge a figure presented by International Telecommunications Union.

OneWeb did not divulge a tenure of a investment nonetheless according to reports, a estimated cost to launch a use is around $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

Aside from Virgin and Qualcomm, OneWeb is also awaiting other investors to acquire aboard nonetheless it is not reliable nonetheless if Elon Musk will be one of them. It can be removed that in November, The Wall Street Journal reported that Wyler and Musk were operative together nonetheless now it is not transparent either Musk’s SpaceX, that skeleton to open an engineering bureau for a growth of their satellites, will try to OneWeb or will act as the competitor.

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