Quake Live reports few outages due to DDoS attack

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Quake Live has reported that it is pang by a DDoS attack, and that players competence knowledge few outages while it works on solution a problem.

“Quake Live is experiencing issues due to a DDoS attack, and competence be down intermittently while we find to residence a problem,” a brief message on a Quake Live site states. “We apologize for a inconvenience.” The DDoS warning was indeed posted final night though users on a Quake Live forums are still complaining about problem joining to a game, and according to Blue’s, a Quake Live site itself has also been forced offline during times.

I’m compelled to take a impulse to note that a DDoS attack—Distributed Denial of Service—is a lowest form of “hack” that a chairman can undertake, radically a digital homogeneous of environment a bag of dog poop on glow and withdrawal it on someone’s front porch. Worse, actually, since during slightest a poop is usually going to be stomped on by one sold person, who’s presumably caused we some arrange of irritation; a DDoS conflict is tedious, unenlightened jerkery that accomplishes nothing.

Okay, got that off my chest. No other information about a conflict has been released, though I’ve had difficulty reaching a Quake Live site myself this afternoon: Sometimes it will load, and infrequently a tie simply times out. A Bethesda repute echoed a summary posted on a Quake Live site, saying, “The diversion will be down intermittently as we residence a DDoS attack,” though offering no idea as to when a matter competence be resolved. We’ll let we know if and when we hear more.

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