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PSN and Xbox Live "Xmas Hackers" Are Hacked

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Xbox Live and a PlayStation Network were inoperable for several days during a Christmas break

The hacker organisation Lizard Squad, that claims shortcoming for a Xmas trance on Xbox Live and PSN, has detected a possess network has been hacked.

After allegedly aggressive Xbox Live and a PSN during a Christmas period, Lizard Squad went on to foster a “boot-for-hire” service, that allows profitable business to commission a website they would like to take down for a tiny fee.

However, this Lizard Squad Stresser apparatus was itself hacked, with an unsolicited user receiving sum of a whole register of 14,241 people who sealed adult to a service. Investigative publisher Brian Krebs performed a duplicate of a information dump, and remarkable that few precautions were taken to strengthen a temperament of customers.

“All purebred usernames and passwords were stored in plain text,” he wrote on his personal site.

The revelations come after an 18 year-old hacker, formed in a English strand city of Southport, was arrested by internal police underneath guess that he worked for Lizard Squad.

GameSpot has reliable with a Thames Valley Police that a male was arrested in tie with a review into a PSN and Xbox Live attacks, as good as on guess of being concerned with “swatting.”

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