Prisma print filter app now out of beta and accessible to all on a Play Store

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Prisma, a new print app that’s been utterly renouned over on iOS, was in beta on Android and afterwards transitioned to a non-functional state before we could even news on it. But that’s okay: it’s out of beta now and on a Play Store. The app relates a array of “artistic” filters to users’ photos, afterwards allows them to share on Facebook, Instagram, or a other common suspects around a Android share menu. Prisma is giveaway and accessible on Android 4.1 and up.

One competence consider that a new print filter app is frequency value observant – after all, we already have Instagram and a thousand would-be competitors. But Prisma is different. The filters are so endless and thespian that they most spin any print into an expressionist painting. In some cases it’s tough to trust that a images are indeed combined regulating zero yet semi-automatic digital tools. A few of a filters are even named after a artists that desirous them.


Filter strengths can be practiced with a appropriate gesture, yet those looking for something fine-tuned should demeanour elsewhere – Prisma is designed to be flattering low-effort. The app can duty as a possess simple camera or import photos from a phone’s gallery. At a impulse there are no in-app purchases. If we can’t get it on a Play Store, it’s also adult on APK Mirror.

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