Prince Andrew’s crony Jeffrey Epstein ‘used assertive declare tampering to …

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His ex-wife, a Duchess of York, described him as “the best male in a world”
in her initial comments given a allegations flush final week.

Court papers filed in Florida exhibit a border to that a FBI and
victims’ lawyers were undone in their attempts to examine a extent
of Epstein’s sex offending, and a claims opposite a Duke.

One justice matter lists 10 employees and associates of Epstein who, it
said, were being represented by lawyers paid for by a convicted sex
offender. They embody Nadia Marcinkova, described as “Epstein’s live-in sex
slave”, who invoked her right not to inculpate herself, stable by the
US constitution’s Fifth Amendment, when she was asked about a Duke of

Asked by a victim’s lawyer: “Have we ever been done to perform intimately on
Prince Andrew?” she replied: “Fifth.” As good as carrying a counsel supposing by
Epstein, she was “harassed and pressured” by him not to cooperate, court
papers allege.

Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s executive assistant, whose authorised fees were also said
to have been paid by Epstein, was asked: “Would we determine with me that
Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein used to share under-age girls for sexual
relations?” She replied: “On a instruction of my lawyer, we contingency plead my
Fifth Amendment privilege.” Miss Kellen was “threatened” by Epstein to
forestall her co-operating, it is alleged.

Epstein himself, questioned underneath oath, refused to answer a questions: “Did
we yield any under-aged girls for sex to Prince Andrew?” and: “Did you
fly with Prince Andrew on your plane, or planes, with any under-aged girls,
girls underneath a age of 18?”

A third woman, Adriana Ross, a former indication who worked as Epstein’s diary
organiser, refused to answer a question: “Has Prince Andrew ever been
concerned with under-age teenager females to your knowledge?”

When dual FBI Specials Agents went to a home of Leslie Groff, a personal
partner to Epstein, in 2007 to offer her with a sovereign grand jury
subpoena, she told them she had to go upstairs to check her sleeping child,
though instead phoned Epstein, who told her not to pronounce to a agents.

The “aggressive declare tampering” was “so severe” that
examples were created into due defence agreements for Epstein, court
papers state.

Court papers also lay that Epstein used his swift of private aircraft to
trade immature girls around a universe for sex.

Flight logs uncover that in May 2000 a Duke flew with Epstein in his Gulfstream
jet as a guest, accompanied by a stately insurance officer. There is no
idea any immature girls were being trafficked or abused on a flight
from New York to Florida.

The claims that a Duke “sexually abused” Miss Roberts were done in the
latest turn of an try by victims of Epstein to have his 2008 plea
discount overturned. They contend his understanding with Florida prosecutors – that gave
him shield from sovereign charge and authorised him to offer only 13
months in jail – was wrong since a victims were not consulted.

Epstein was authorised a defence discount notwithstanding an FBI review concluding
that 40 women should be “characterised as victims”, some of whom went to
Epstein’s homes 100 times or more.

Papers seen by The Daily Telegraph uncover that a Duke’s loyalty with
Epstein – and his ensuing abdication as UK trade attach� in 2011 – are
described as formulating a clever open seductiveness box for disclosing the
tip terms of a defence bargain.

The victims, who explain a Duke lobbied a US supervision for a kindly deal
for his friend, pronounced in one justice document: “In light of all this interest,
it appears that Epstein’s proclivity in gripping whole papers hermetic is
to retard a open from training about what happened during the
review of his crimes, rather than any legitimate purpose.”

The Duke’s aides have denied he would ever meddle in an ongoing authorised case,
and justice papers uncover that a US Justice Department told a victims it
hold no papers in propinquity to any purported lobbying by a Duke.

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