President George W. Bush Honors His Father With New Book

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (CBSNewYork) — Former President George W. Bush offering a touching reverence Tuesday to his father, George Herbert Walker Bush – with devious humor, fairness and love.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, a comparison Bush served as arch of a U.S. Liaison Office in a People’s Republic of China and after conduct of a CIA underneath President Gerald Ford, clamp boss for 8 years underneath President Ronald Reagan, and boss himself for 4 years afterward. And for his 90th birthday this year, he jumped out of a helicopter.

So what else is there to contend about him?

Apparently, there is a lot.

“One of a things Dad taught me is that you’ve got to laugh,” a younger Bush said. “And I’m assured that one reason since both Mom and Dad have got such a smashing clarity of amusement is since they don’t take themselves so seriously.”

The younger former President Bush denounced a new autobiography of his father – “41: A Portrait of My Father” – during a rite in Texas Tuesday. The comparison former President Bush and his wife, Barbara, were in a audience.

The younger Bush pronounced he wrote a book since he wanted his father to be alive to see how most he and other people caring about him. The younger Bush also pronounced he wanted to start a routine of reassessing his father’s presidency.

Again and again, though, he told jokes his father told him.

“A man gets arrested for hidden a can of peaches, and he and his mom go before a judge. The decider says, ‘How many peaches in a can?’ He said, ‘Six.’ (The judge) said, ‘Fine, I’ll judgment we to 6 months in prison.’ Before he could leave, a mom raises her hand, (and said), ‘And he stole a can of peas (too),’” a younger Bush said.

The younger Bush also talked about a time when he was 18, and his relatives invited him to dinner, it became transparent that his mom had something she wanted him to discuss.

“She could hardly enclose herself. She said: ‘I detected an ashtray underneath your bed. You smoke,’” he said. “And father looked during her and said, ‘You do too,’ and that was a finish of a conversation.”

George W. Bush also pronounced it would be “awesome” if his younger brother, Jeb, seeks a White House. But he pronounced Jeb is endangered about a thought of a statute domestic class.

“The thought of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Bush troubles him,” pronounced “W.” “I said: ‘How’s this sound? Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton?’ The indicate is we don’t get to collect a sourroundings in that we run.”

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