Pope Francis: “It’s not right to brand Islam with violence”

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Pope Francis has refused to report Islam as “terrorist”, given it is “not satisfactory and not true”.

Francis was asked by reporters on a pope craft returning to Rome from Poland since he never used a word “Islam” when condemning killings by extremists like that of an aged clergyman in France final week.

The Pope pronounced “it’s not right to brand Islam with violence”, adding that each sacrament had a “little organisation of fundamentalists”.

He pronounced that if he spoke of aroused Islam, he would have to pronounce of aroused Catholicism, given Catholics kill too.


Pope Francis waves goodbye to members of Polish government


Pope Francis waves during a press discussion on a craft after his revisit to Krakow

Referring to a Islamic State group, Francis, 79, pronounced it “presents itself with a aroused temperament card, though it’s not Islam”.

During his five-day event in southern Poland he prayed secretly in a church that God strengthen people from a “devastating wave” of terrorism in many tools of a world.

Francis told immature people who flocked by a hundreds of thousands that they indispensable to “believe in a new humanity” stronger than immorality and warned opposite final that one sacrament was some-more aroused than others.


Pope Francis speaks to reporters during a press discussion on a craft after his revisit to Krakow


Pope Francis speaks to reporters during a press discussion on a craft after his revisit to Krakow, Poland, for a World Youth Days, Jul 31, 2016. REUTERS/Filippo Monteforte/Pool

Organisers of a Catholic jamboree famous as World Youth Day estimated 1.5 million youths attended his Mass during a meadow nearby Krakow, many carrying camped out in sleeping bags from a burial use of prayer, singing and dance performances a prior evening.

The jamboree, meant to interpose immature Catholics with uninformed passion for their religion, was a categorical reason Francis came to Poland on a trip, that also took him to a former Auschwitz Nazi genocide camp, where he prayed in overpower and reflected on what he called “so most cruelty”.


Faithfuls listen to Pope Francis during a mas

Pope Francis meets thoroughness stay survivors

Extremist assault was on his mind when he set out final week, a day after terrorists rushed into a church in a French panorama and murdered a aged clergyman there, slitting his throat, as he was celebrating Mass.

The Pope used his several encounters with a immature pilgrims – from mega-gatherings to a private lunch with usually a dozen people from 5 continents – to inspire a new era to work for peace, settlement and justice.

God, pronounced Francis in his final moral of a pilgrimage, “demands of us genuine courage, a bravery to be some-more absolute than evil, by amatory everyone, even a enemies”.

“People might decider we to be dreamers, given we trust in a new humanity, one that rejects loathing between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers and can delight a possess traditions but being egocentric or small-minded,” Francis said.

Earlier in his event Francis voiced dismay that many people and places were not welcoming adequate to refugees or those journey misery in their homelands.


Pope Francis prays during a Death Wall

This event noted a initial time a local Argentine pope sent feet in eastern Europe.

Flying behind to Rome, he was asked by reporters what he suspicion about Poland and a acquire to him.

Referring to a huge crowds he drew day after day in a nation where St Pope John Paul II was born, Francis joked that “Poland was invaded, this time by immature people” – apparently referring to Germany’s 1930 advance of Poland that triggered a Second World War.

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