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Seattle taxpayers and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson were losers this week, as Mayor Ed Murray’s $65,000 examination into leaked papers ended with a whimper and Ferguson’s bureau faced sanctions for deletion emails impending to a lawsuit over a Oso mudslide that killed 43 people in 2014.

In Episode 5 of a weekly Seattle Times politics podcast, we explain what happened with a mayor’s probe and mangle down Ferguson’s email scandal.

Then we lay down with a proponent and an competition of state Initiative 732 to figure out because many of Washington’s environmental groups and on-going organizations are opposing a taxation on CO burnt in oil, healthy gas and coal.

  • At 0:40, we betray a leader for a week in politics: no one. Jim Brunner says, “Everybody needs to do better.” Murray’s investigation into leaked documents associated to a new kinship agreement with Seattle cops lasted dual months though went nowhere, Dan Beekman says.
  • At 3:35, we discuss a family argument between climate-change activists over I-732. “It’s one of a some-more weird domestic fights I’ve seen in this state,” contend Brunner.
  • At 6:05, I-732 devotee Yoram Bauman, a PhD and comedian who styles himself a “stand-up economist,” describes a list magnitude as “a grassroots efforts that’s been encouraged by hundreds and thousands of people in Washington state who feel like we have a dignified requirement to take action.”
  • Bauman slams environmental groups like a Sierra Club during 11:30 for not ancillary a carbon-tax initiative. At during 21:00, he says a measure’s devise to cut other taxes appeals to electorate who remonstrate with Donald Trump about meridian change though who nonetheless have “conservative tendencies.”
  • At 22:45, I-732 competition Rebecca Saldaña of Puget Sound Sage calls a magnitude imperfect. When it comes to fatiguing carbon, “We can’t means to get it wrong,” she says. And during 36:00, she suggests “white privilege” might be partly obliged for dispute around a plan.

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