Police Say Man, Missing Va. Student Were during Bar

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Police questioning a disappearance of a University of Virginia tyro pronounced Friday that they have talked to a male they trust was with her in a bar a night she went blank though did not have adequate information to catch or catch him after acid his automobile and apartment.

In an romantic appeal, Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo asked anyone who competence have seen Hannah Graham and a male early Sept. 13 on a Downtown Mall to hit authorities.

“People saw Hannah, and people saw him, and people saw them together,” Longo said.

Hundreds of volunteers have sealed adult for a large hunt Saturday. Asked if he believed a 18-year-old Graham was still alive, Longo pronounced he was “hopeful.”

He pronounced military trust Graham competence have left a bar with a male in his burnt orange 1998 Chrysler coupe.

“If we remember saying that automobile and saying it expostulate away, we need to hear from you,” Longo pronounced during a news conference.

He also urged anyone who competence have seen a dual during The Tempo bar and grill to call police.

Longo stopped brief of job a male a suspect, though pronounced military are gripping an eye on him.

“We’re unequivocally meddlesome in training some-more about his interactions with Hannah,” he said.

Lead questioner Detective Sgt. Jim Mooney pronounced he spoke with a male Friday morning when military executed a hunt aver during his unit “and we wish to speak to him again.” He declined to contend what a male told him.

Longo pronounced military had prior contacts with a man, though he would not yield details.

According to a chief, some of a some-more than 400 tips military have perceived stirred their hunt of a automobile and a off-campus apartment. He declined to contend what justification military collected.

However, he pronounced a hunt of a automobile “established illusive cause” for a successive hunt of a apartment.

Until Friday, a hunt had focused essentially on Graham’s movements a night of Sept. 12 and into a early morning hours of Sept. 13. The sophomore from northern Virginia met friends during a grill for dinner, stopped by dual parties during off-campus housing units, and left a second celebration alone, military have said.

Surveillance videos showed her walking, and during some points running, past a pub and a use hire and afterwards onto a Downtown Mall, a seven-block walking frame lined with shops and restaurants.

At 1:06 a.m. she texted friends that she was lost. She sent other texts, though military have pronounced nothing of them reflected fear or panic.

Students and others incited out by a thousands late Thursday for a vigil. Graham’s disappearance has left many on edge.

U.Va. freshmen Anna Frazier of Reston and Jefferson Sheron of Herndon strolled a Downtown Mall Friday afternoon not distant from where notice cameras final prisoner Graham’s grainy image.

“Before entrance here, my relatives pronounced don’t go anywhere by yourself,” Frazier pronounced of her attainment during U.Va. “My relatives are unequivocally disturbed about it, that creates me some-more concerned. It really heightens your senses.

“I feel protected on (U.Va.) grounds, though we wouldn’t come downtown but Jefferson here,” Frazier, 18, said.

Sheron pronounced Graham’s disappearance increasing his clarity of shortcoming to demeanour out for his womanlike friends.

“With all this things with Hannah it’s initial on your mind — let me travel we behind to your dorm,” pronounced Sheron, also 18.

Longo pronounced he visited with Graham’s relatives only before Friday’s news conference.

“They wish to know what happened to their small girl. That’s all,” he said.

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