"Please Give Me My Baby": Family Pleads For Safe Return of Abducted Woman

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The cry for assistance hardly transient Keisha Gaither’s throat as she begged for her daughter’s protected return.

“Please give me behind my child. Please give me my baby,” she hoarsely uttered, as tears ran down her face, before a vanquish of internal and inhabitant reporters on Tuesday.

Her baby is Carlesha Freeland-Gaither.

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, was abducted off a Germantown travel on Nov. 1. Family Photo/Philadelphia Police

The 22-year-old lady was abducted by an unclear male while walking home from a revisit to her godson’s house in Germantown Sunday night. No one has listened from her given she screamed for assistance while being pushed into a dim gray lead Ford Taurus that night.

“She’s a immature female. She doesn’t have to go by this,” her father, Carl Freeland, said. They’re a same comments he’s been perplexing to get out to a abductor for dual days.

“Whatever you’re seeking for, usually get in hit with me and my family. Again, not dire no charges or zero like that. All we wish behind is a daughter,” he said.

Carlesha is a amatory chairman who is always there for others, according to her family.

“Carlesha was unequivocally a sweethart, and if we all demeanour during that picture, we all can tell that she desired she desired animals,” her sister, Brettany Gaither, pronounced referencing a print family members have used to tell people about her dissapearance. “She’s usually a giveaway person.”

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, was forced into a automobile on Nov. 2, 2014, according to Philadelphia Police. Philadelphia Police

She spent many of her life, from 4 years aged until she was 19, vital with her grandmother, Ana Mulero, in California, Maryland, that is in a southern partial of a state. The lady attended class and high propagandize there and changed behind to Philadelphia dual years ago to start a career, a family said.

Once here, she lived with her grandfather. Carlesha changed out dual months ago and has been operative as a nurses’ assistance in Penn Presbyterian Hospital’s cancer center.

“Not usually did she suffer what she was doing, a people there desired her,” pronounced a woman’s grandmother, Ana Mulero.

Philadelphia Police are looking into a few leads in a case, though have nonetheless to find a couple to her whereabouts. They are questioning a man’s use of Carlesha’s ATM label during a bank in Aberdeen, Maryland during 6 a.m. Monday, some 10 hours after a abduction. Investigators released a array of photos of a male inside a bank and are job him a chairman of interest.

Police expelled these notice photos from an ATM in Aberdeen, Maryland of a chairman of seductiveness in a abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. Philadelphia Police

Officials also asked for a public’s assistance in identifying a suspect’s automobile seen in widely distributed notice video.

As a hunt draws into a third day Tuesday night, Carlesha’s family is not disturbed if a immature lady will be returned. They trust it will be a matter of when.

“She’s a really clever chairman and we have a lot of faith in her and a lot of faith in God so we know she’s going to make it through,” Mulero said.

“‘I adore you,’” her mother, Keisha Gaither said, vocalization to her blank daughter. “All we got to do is usually get out. Just come home.”

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