Pick Six: Feast on Michigan during Ohio State, Washington during Washington State

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving and acquire to this week’s Pick Six. It’s a holiday in that we’re all ostensible to take a step back, demeanour during all we have, and be beholden for it.

I’m beholden for you, dear reader, yet not as beholden as we am for a full weekend of football to suffer along with all that smashing Thanksgiving food.

And what’s improved than examination football and eating some-more food than we should? Making income while examination football and eating some-more than we should.

So let’s get into a intelligent plays to make for this weekend — a final full weekend of games we’ll have this season.

Games of a Week

No. 2
Ohio State Buckeyes
(-6.5) vs. No. 3
Michigan Wolverines
: This diversion is usually so formidable to pick, as there are so many opposite factors during play here. There’s a adversary aspect, of course, and anything goes in adversary games. Personally, we tend to gaunt toward underdogs in such games, utterly when there’s scarcely a touchdown widespread between dual teams as good as Ohio State and Michigan.

The problem is we have no thought who will be personification quarterback for Michigan. A few weeks ago, it was reported that
Wilton Speight
pennyless his collarbone, nonetheless Jim Harbaugh has pronounced all along that he is “day-to-day,” and he was apparently practicing this week. So is Speight personification or not? That plays a vast purpose in how we wish to pick.

I can usually go with what we do know, and if Speight unequivocally does have a damaged collarbone, we don’t suppose he’s going to play. That means
John O’Korn
will once again fill in, and while I’d design some alleviation from him in his second start, that initial start wasn’t accurately encouraging. Michigan usually put together dual drives of larger than 40 yards opposite
Indiana Hoosiers
, and usually one of them happened before a snowstorm strike Ann Arbor. So it’s tough to have faith in a offense.

Even if Ohio State’s play-calling drives me nuts, it’s a lot easier to trust that section than it is a Michigan offense with O’Korn, so that’s since I’m going with a Buckeyes to kick Michigan for a fifth true year, and I’m holding them to cover as well. Ohio State 26, Michigan 17

Twitter poll: Michigan +6.5 (51 percent)

No. 5
Washington Huskies
(-5.5) during No. 23
Washington State Cougars
: The Apple Cup tends to be an interesting diversion even when there’s zero on a line, so we can usually suppose what’s in store for us this year. Simply put, a leader of this diversion wins a Pac-12 North. The stakes are even aloft for Washington, as a win here and a win in a Pac-12 Championship Game could send a Huskies to a College Football Playoff.

So what’s going to happen? we wish we knew. It would make essay this mainstay so many easier.

What we trust is going to occur is that Washington is going to win, and it’s going to cover. Again, we tend to gaunt toward underdogs in adversary games like this — generally home dogs — yet even as clever as Washington State has been this season, we usually consider Washington’s a improved team. Plus, while one of a keys of Washington State’s turnaround this deteriorate has been a run game, this is still an offense built around slinging a football. Well, we saw final week that
Colorado Buffaloes
‘s defense, with a clever secondary, was means to delayed down that flitting attack. Washington has a improved delegate than Colorado does, and we consider a Huskies will be means to do a same thing.

Washington also has a distant some-more bomb offense than Colorado did, so in a prolonged run, we don’t consider seeking a Huskies to cover a touchdown here is too large an ask. Washington 37, Washington State 27

Twitter Poll: Washington -5.5 (53 percent)

Lock of a Week

Fresno State Bulldogs
(+3) vs.
San Jose State Spartans
: There have been times this deteriorate when I’ve left with a bad group as my Lock of a Week, and it has burnt me each time. You’d consider I’d have schooled my doctrine by now, yet clearly we haven’t since I’m sitting here perplexing to remonstrate we since a 1-10 Fresno State group is something we should rest on. You’ll usually have to trust me here, people. I’m some-more than informed with a bad teams of a world. I’m a man that writes The Bottom 25 each week. Believe me, while we tell we that San Jose State is utterly bad too, and even yet it has a improved record than Fresno, we consider Fresno is indeed a improved team. So when Fresno is removing points during home — where it’s 4-0 opposite a widespread this deteriorate competence we supplement — opposite a group as bad as San Jose State is, even if a Bulldogs aren’t good, they aren’t that bad. Fresno State 31, San Jose State 24

Underdog of a Week

Minnesota Golden Gophers
(+14.5) during No. 6
Wisconsin Badgers
: There are utterly a few underdogs we like this week, yet this was a one that unequivocally grabbed my attention. Wisconsin is one of a best teams in a nation according to a College Football Playoff Rankings, and we consider that’s inspiring this indicate widespread to a indicate that we can take advantage. Minnesota is not a bad group by any means. It’s not ranked since it doesn’t have an considerable win, yet if we demeanour during Minnesota’s 3 losses, we see a three-point detriment during
Penn State Nittany Lions
, a seven-point detriment contra
Iowa Hawkeyes
and a seven-point detriment during
Nebraska Cornhuskers
. This isn’t a group that gets blown out by anybody, and this array hasn’t seen a final measure larger than 13 points in a final 3 seasons. So even if Wisconsin is expected to win — a Badgers have won 12 true in this adversary — we design a Gophers to stay within dual touchdowns. Wisconsin 24, Minnesota 17

Over/Under of a Week

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Bulldogs
(Under 48)
: we roughly went with Georgia Tech as my Underdog of a Week, yet in a end, we usually felt some-more gentle going with a Under in this game. Tech’s offense has finally gotten going in new weeks, and when a Tech offense is working, it puts together prolonged drives that gnaw a lot of clock. This week it will be perplexing to do that opposite a Georgia invulnerability that has been effective opposite a run. So put all that together with a Georgia offense that struggles to measure points a lot of a time itself, and a underneath usually feels so, so right. Georgia 21, Georgia Tech 17

Hail Mary Parlay of a Week

If we aren’t informed with a HMP, a discerning refresher: It’s radically a three-game parlay, yet we usually gamble one diversion during a time. If a initial diversion wins, we use a loot on a subsequent game, and so on. It’s a play that won’t come by many of a time (though it has twice this season, including final week), yet when it does, it pays off nicely.

Friday afternoon:
Toledo Rockets
during No. 21
Western Michigan Broncos
(Over 69.5)

Saturday afternoon:
Iowa State Cyclones
(+7) vs. No. 18
West Virginia Mountaineers

Saturday night: No. 22
Utah Utes
during No. 9 Colorado (Over 53.5)

Last Week 2016 Overall Games of a Week 1-1 13-11 Lock of a Week 1-0 5-7 Underdog of a Week 1-0 8-4 Over/Under of a Week 0-1 7-5 Hail Mary Parlay 0-1 3-9 Overall 3-3 36-36 Twitter Picks 1-1 11-13

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