Pereira: New officiating points of importance impact NFL opener

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The flags didn’t fly after all.

Not like we suspicion they competence as a opening diversion of a NFL deteriorate got underway in Seattle Thursday night.

With a league’s new points of importance to have officials call bootleg hit and defensive holding some-more closely — and after a preseason where we saw an lavish volume of penalties — a intensity for a lot of penalties being called didn’t unequivocally manifest in a Seahawks’ 36-16 win opposite a Packers.

However, there was one dwindle that flew that shouldn’t have in my opinion and it had an impact on a outcome of a game.

Here was a situation:

Seattle had a ball, third-and-6 on a possess 24-yard line with 8:09 left in a game. Seattle led 29-16.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson forsaken behind and threw an deficient pass. However, Packers linebacker Brad Jones was called for defensive holding opposite parsimonious finish Luke Willson, giving a Seahawks an involuntary initial down. Willson was entrance off a line of struggle and a discerning palm on his shoulder by Jones was called but any jersey lift that we could see.

That’s not what a joining is looking for in my opinion. That is being too technical. You wish to see a squeeze of a jersey and we didn’t see it here. It gave a Seahawks a initial down and radically finished Green Bay’s chances since it extended a expostulate another 5 and a half mins and Seattle went on to measure another touchdown.

Without a new points of importance this year, that call is not made.

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