People are already offered drugs, animals, and adult services on Facebook’s new Craigslist competitor

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A weed inventory on Facebook’s Marketplace.Twitter / @tombornal

Facebook strictly took a wraps off a new Craigslist and eBay competitor, called Marketplace, on Monday. And people are already regulating it to brazenly sell things that violate Facebook’s policies, including drugs, animals, and adult services.

For example, we’ve seen listings in Marketplace for snakes, baby hedgehogs, fish, a plantation hand, and hardly clad people posing suggestively. (More examples are during a bottom of this story.)

A Facebook orator declined to criticism to Business Insider over indicating us to a company’s Commerce Policy, that specifically prohibits offered these kinds of equipment and services.

To military what is sold, a orator did contend that Facebook will rest on a employees proactively looking for descent posts in Marketplace along with users stating posts they consider should be removed.

Facebook has been contrast Marketplace with a tiny commission of a users for months, though now a underline is replacing a Messenger by-pass in a bottom core of Facebook’s app for everybody over a age of 18 in a U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Here are some some-more examples of bizarre Marketplace listings:

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