Pearl Washington creates coming during Garden to watch Syracuse basketball

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New York — Pearl Washington returned to Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

Washington, a Syracuse fable and New York City local who has been battling mind cancer, was in assemblage for Syracuse’s diversion opposite St. John’s during a Garden. Washington walked to a chair behind a SU dais nearby a finish of a initial half.

Washington assimilated several former SU players in a area behind a team’s bench. Billy Owens, John Wallace and Washington’s former teammate Rafael Addison were all during a game.

Washington’s fiancee, Debbie, pronounced a SU fable was “having his good days and his bad days. He was good adequate to come to a game.”

During halftime of a game, a solid tide of fans and friends lined adult to contend hello to Washington. One of those was Wayne Morgan, a former Syracuse partner who recruited Washington.

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