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After a reduction than stellar performance, Donald Trump calls his discuss with Hillary Clinton a day after as “unfair.”

Venerable tequila builder Jose Cuervo aims for $1 billion IPO.

Standard Chartered faces U.S. probe over Indonesian investment.

Google launches offline YouTube app and Wi-Fi enlargement in India.

SpaceX reveals Interplanetary Transport System that could move people to Mars.

Vancouver and London top list of cities many during risk of housing bubble.

The health of former Israeli boss Shimon Peres has run-down two weeks after he suffered a vital stroke.

Facebook is systematic to stop harvesting information on WhatsApp users in Germany.

UberEats is reportedly expanding to 22 some-more countries.

Just as women are paid less than group for a same positions, women are reduction expected to be promoted, according to a new workplace study.

Photo: Bottles of Jose Cuervo Tequila rest on a shelf in Mexico City Dec. 11, 2012. Reuters/Edgard Garrido

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