Patriots-Vikings Live Blog: Pats Crush Vikings 30-7

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BOSTON (CBS) — It’s a poetic day for some football in Minnesota, where a Patriots will demeanour to nick their initial win of a deteriorate opposite a Vikings during TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Final — Patriots 30, Vikings 7

After a Vikings scored on a initial expostulate of a game, a Patriots kept them off a scoreboard a rest of a afternoon, picking off Matt Cassell 4 times en track to their initial win of a season.

The Patriots scored 30-unanswered points as Brady was 15-for-22 for 149 yards and a touchdown. But a story of a day belongs to a Patriots defense, who set a offense adult in good margin position all afternoon.  Devin McCourty, Darrelle Revis, Logan Ryan and Dominque Easley any came down with interceptions.

Chandler Jones was a beast on a defensive line and on special teams, restraint a margin idea try and holding it 58-yards to a residence to give a Patriots a 24-7 lead right before halftime. In serve to his score, Jones had 8 tackles and dual sacks on Cassel.

We’ll be violation this one down all evening, so hang with, locate Patriots 5th Quarter on myTV38, or change in to 3 full hours of postgame coverage on 98.5 The Sports Hub!

4th Quarter, 2:18: Stevan Ridley has left over 100 rushing yards for a day, and now has 101 yards on 25 carries.

Vereen is second among a Pats rushers with 39 yards on 5 carries.

4th Quarter, 6:45: NOTHING is going right for Matt Cassel.

His latest pass was batted up, and fell into a hands of rookie Dominique Easley for a Patriots’ fourth interception of a day. New England now takes over during a 50 following an unsportsmanlike control chastisement on Hightower.

Expect even some-more Ridley as a Pats try to kill some-more clock.

4th Quarter, 7:26 — After removing a turn back, a Patriots offense goes 3-and-out for a second true drive.

Facing a 3rd-and-1, Brady attempted to get a initial down himself yet was stopped short, holding a large strike during a line of scrimmage.

Ridley picked adult a 9 yards on a span of carries, and is carrying a flattering plain day altogether with 66 yards on 20 carries.

The Vikings will take over on their possess 33-yard line after another good punt by Allen, yet an even improved special teams tackle by Nate Ebner.

4th Quarter, 12:12: The Patriots offense couldn’t make anything of their good margin position, and were forced into a e-and-out of their own.

Brady was sacked for a 7 yard detriment on initial down, and after Ridley picked adult 3 yards on second down, a QB overthrew everybody on third down.

The Patriots suspicion about a 53-yard try by Gostkowski, yet let a time breeze down and instead opted to punt a turn away. Ryan Allen delivered another good boot, pinning a Vikings during their possess 9-yard line. The Pats’ punter is carrying a good diversion today.

4th Quarter, 14:00 — Not many is going right for a Vikings right now. Cassel was sacked by Chanlder Jones on 2nd-and-7 for a 3 yard loss, and yet he had Greg Jennings open opposite a core on third down, a maestro receiver couldn’t make a locate and Minnesota was forced to punt. Jennings had flog Revis on a play and had a initial down if he done a catch.

Edelman done a integrate of good moves on a punt return, holding it 34 yards to a Minnesota 31.

4th Quarter, 14:57 — Patriots 30, Vikings 7: Gostkowski creates a 27-yard try demeanour easy and puts a Patriots on tip by 23 points.

That’s 23-unanswered points for a Patriots, yet a offense has did not demeanour too good in that quarter.

End Of 3rd Quarter — Patriots 27, Vikings 7: 

Not a flattering expostulate as a Patriots set adult for a margin idea to start a fourth quarter.

Penalties scarcely killed a drive, as Jordan Devey was called for a reason on a play that would have set a Patriots adult during a Minnesota 2-yard line. Instead, they had to face a 2nd-and-18, and now will have Stephen Gostkowski try a chip shot to put them on tip 30-7.

Julian Edelman was jarred adult a bit on a pass division by Xavier Rhodes, yet returned after spending only one play on a sideline.

3rd Quarter, 6:46: Rough widen for Nate Solder, who was only whistled for 3 penalties on dual plays.

He was flagged for a reason and an bootleg retard on one play, with a reason being declined. The really subsequent play, he was flagged for a fake start to set adult a 1st-and-25 for New England.

3rd Quarter, 6:47: The Patriots descent will take over after a discerning 3-and-out forced by a defense.

Asiata was strike by Chandler Jones after picking adult only dual yards on initial down, and Kyle Rudolph forsaken a pass over a middle. Dont’a Hightowere afterwards detonate by a line and sacked Cassel on third down for an 8-yard loss, forcing a Vikings to punt.

The Pats will take over during their possess 45-yard line after a 28-yard punt lapse by Edelman.

3rd Quarter, 8:36 — Patriots 27, Vikings 7: After Rob Gronkowski picked adult 11 yards on a initial down pass from Brady, a offense stalled a bit and was forced to settle for a margin goal.

Ridley picked adult 5 yards on initial down after Gronk’s pickup, yet Brady and Aaron Dobson couldn’t bond on second down and Brady’s pass was knocked down during a line on third down.

Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 47-yard margin idea to give a Patriots a 27-7 lead.

3rd Quarter, 9:34: Let a Teddy Bridgewater watch begin!

Cassel was picked for a third time this afternoon, as Logan Ryan stepped in front of a pass for Cordarrelle Patterson for his second turnover of a deteriorate (he forced a fail in Week 1). Ryan led a Patriots final deteriorate with 5 interceptions as a rookie.

The Patriots will now take over during a Minnesota 45.

3rd Quarter, 12:18: The Patriots didn’t do too many on their initial possession of a second half, as Tom Brady goes a small too distant for Edelman downfield on a 3rd-and-2 attempt.

Rob Gronkowski got into a fun with a span of grabs, his initial of a afternoon. Gronk now has a accepting in all 52 games he’s played in.

It was some-more Stevan Ridley on a drive, as a behind ran a turn 3 times for 14 yards.

Ryan Allen delivered another good punt, with Matthew Slater downing his 39-yard foot during a Minnesota 4-yard line.

Halftime, Patriots 24, Vikings 7: Blair Walsh lined adult for a margin idea try only before a half, looking to cut into a Patriots’ lead.

But what he didn’t see was Chandler Jones backing up, who used all of his 6-5 support to burst adult during a line and retard a attempt, and afterwards take it 58 yards to a house.

Cassel missed Patterson on a third down only before a attempted kick, streamer him too distant out of finish on what could have been a touchdown pass. But instead of presumably being down only 17-10 streamer into halftime, a Vikings now face a 24-7 hole. Plus, a Patriots get a turn behind to start a second half.

We knew Chandler Jones was one heck of an athlete, and that play only serve illustrates it.

Brady was 9-for-10 for 105 yards and a touchdown in a initial half, with Edelman streamer a approach with 5 receptions for 69 yards and a score. Stevan Ridley is New England’s streamer rusher with 29 yards on 11 carries and a touchdown.

Jones has 3 tackles and a pouch to go with his blocked margin goal, yet it’s Jerod Mayo who is all over a place with 6 tackles, including dual for a loss.

Matt Cassel  is 12-for-20 for 144 yards with a touchdown and dual picks for a Vikings. The Patriots scored a touchdown after any of those dual picks.

2nd Quarter, 2:58: The Vikings will get a turn behind after a Patriots offense comes adult a bit brief on their final drive.

It was a solid sip of Stevan Ridley out of a behind field, with a 12-yard locate from Edelman churned in, as a behind carried a turn 4 times. After a clever five-yard run on 2nd-and-6, Ridley was pressed during a line by Vikings reserve Harrison Smith, who has been everywhere on a margin today.

The Patriots were forced to punt away, and a Vikings will start during their possess 18 after a 34-yard punt by Ryan Allen.

2nd Quarter, 5:51: The Patriots will take over during their possess 20 after a invulnerability comes adult with another stop.

Logan Ryan was flog by Patterson for a 10-yard locate on a 3rd-and-4, yet bounced behind easily over a subsequent few plays. He pennyless adult a pass for Patterson on a indirect initial down, and afterwards was there to accommodate Asiata for a diversion of only one yard on a 3rd-and-3 pass from Cassel.

Ryan has looked good after removing a start for a harmed Alfonzo Dennard.

2nd Quarter, 9:30 — Patriots 17, Vikings 7: The Patriots incited another turnover into points, yet a offense had to work a small harder this time around.

The expostulate was all about a Brady-to-Edelman connection, as they bending adult 3 times ensuing in 59 yards and a touchdown. After a 44-yard catch-and-run by Edelman set a Patriots adult during a Minnesota 21 — a poetic thread-the-needle pass by #12 — Brady went Edelman’s approach on 1st-and-Goal with a pleasing dilemma chuck from nine-yards out for a score.

Brady got strike tough after creation a throw, yet he substantially doesn’t mind after looking adult during a scoreboard.

Edelman had 59 of a Patriots’ 61 yards that drive.

2nd Quarter, 13:30: Darrelle Revis has his initial interception with a Patriots interjection to another bad pass by Cassel. The Vikings QB went looking for Greg Jennings yet overthrew him , permitting Revis to come down with a pick.

The Patriots will start during their possess 39 interjection to a second turnover of a day forced by a D/courtesy of a terrible pass by Matt Cassel.

End Of 1st Quarter — Patriots 10, Vikings 7: Julian Edelman scarcely fumbled a turn away, yet Dan Connolly was there to burst on a turn after Edelman slipped on a third down shade play. That gave Stephen Gostkowski a 48-yard margin idea attempt, that he put by a uprights to give a Patriots a 10-7 lead.

Aaron Dobson held his initial pass of a deteriorate on a initial play of a drive, a 13-yard tie with Brady on play action. Brady also went Rob Gronkowski’s approach for a initial time in a game, yet a parsimonious finish wasn’t prepared for a pass over a middle.

Edelman had a good 9-yard run on a brush on a 3rd-and-2 play, and Ridley ran a turn good — yet an 11-run was churned out by a Marcus Cannon hold.

Gostkowski booted a kickoff into a stands, not even giving Patterson a possibility during a return.

Just before a finish of a initial quarter, Chandler Jones got to Cassel for his initial pouch of a season.

1st Quarter, 4:43: A discerning 3-and-out by a Vikings offense, as Jerod Mayo strike Asiata for a two-yard detriment on initial down. Cassel strike Patterson for a discerning 3 years on second down, yet his third-down pass was a small too high and fell incomplete.

The Patriots will now take over during their possess 30 after a holding chastisement by Jones on a punt.

1st Quarter, 6:14 — Patriots 7, Vikings 7: After an nauseous expostulate that enclosed a handful of penalties on both teams, Devin McCourty came adult with a good interception on a low pass from Cassel to Wright.

The Pats’ reserve took it 60 yards all a approach down to a Minnesota 1-yard line.

Ridley was pressed on first-and-goal, yet found his approach into a finish section on second-and-goal to tie this one during 7-7. It was all Ridley, as he didn’t get many of a pull from a descent line.

The Patriots invulnerability indispensable a large play after their initial outing on a field, and got it from one of their maestro captains. It was a bad chuck by Cassel, yet no doubt a Patriots will take it.

1st Quarter, 9:25: Nothing doing for a Patriots offense on their initial outing out, as they go 3-and-out and were forced to punt.

Stevan Ridley got a span of runs on initial and second down, removing pressed on initial yet gaining dual yards on second. Shane Vereen  ran a turn on 3rd-and-8, yet was pushed out of finish only bashful of a initial down.

Ryan Allen, who had a severe week in Miami, gave a turn a pleasing foot yet to set a Vikings adult during their possess 12-yard line.

1st Quarter, 10:54 — Vikings 7, Patriots 0: Not a good start for a Patriots defense.

After containing a Vikings on initial and second down, it looked like they could have forced a 3-and-out. But Matt Cassel strike Kyle Rudolph over a core to flog a blitzing Patriots’ D, gaining 17 yards and gripping a expostulate alive.

The Pats had Cassel and Co. again on a 3rd-and-1, yet Dont’a Hightower jumped offsides on Cassel’s tough count to pierce a chains. Cassel had run for a initial down anyways, yet a chastisement gave them a few additional yards.

Following a Cassel play-action pass to parsimonious finish Rhett Ellison (the Pats were a small too focused on Patterson backing adult in a backfield) that gained 24 yards, Asiate was far-reaching open for a 25 yard brush that incited into a touchdown to put a Vikings adult by a touchdown.

The Patriots are really focused on Patterson out of a backfield, and it burnt them a small too many on that initial drive.

12:57pm: The Patriots won a silver toss and inaugurated to flog off. So a Patriots will get a turn to start a second half.

We’ll see if Stephen Gostkowski boots one out of a behind of a finish zone, or takes his chances kicking to an bomb lapse male in Cordarrelle Patterson.

Logan Ryan will start during dilemma for a harmed Alfonzo Dennard.

12:30 pm: While Peterson won’t be playing, it sounds like there is copiousness of support for him in a stands:

There’s even one fan walking around with a Peterson jersey and carrying a switch:

A fan wearing a jersey of Adrian Peterson carrying a switch and a fan of a New England Patriots poise for a design while tailgating before a diversion during TCF Bank Stadium. Peterson, now out on bail, was deactivated for a diversion after being indicted on charges of forward or inattentive damage to a child. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

A fan wearing a jersey of Adrian Peterson carrying a switch and a fan of a New England Patriots poise for a design while tailgating before a diversion during TCF Bank Stadium. Peterson, now out on bail, was deactivated for a diversion after being indicted on charges of forward or inattentive damage to a child. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Pretty outrageous stuff…

12:15pm: As we wait for kickoff, we’ll take a quick look during Matt Asiata, Minnesota’s backup using behind who will be removing many of a carries this afternoon.

Asiata, now in his third year with Minnesota after going undrafted out of Utah in 2012, ran a turn twice for 10 yards in Week 1 opposite a St. Louis Rams. He has 185 career rushing yards and 3 touchdowns, also chipping in with 7 receptions for a span of scores.

Jerick McKinnon, who a Vikings drafted in a third turn out of Southern Georgia in May, is also approaching to get some carries today.

Patriots conduct manager Bill Belichick talked about changing a gameplan on a fly with Scott Zolak on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s pregame show.

“We spent a lot of times a final integrate of days looking during a other backs who will potentially be there. They have good depth, so we’ll have to stop whoever is in there,” pronounced Belichick.

He also talked about going opposite a Norv Turner offense, that a Patriots’ saw final year when Turner was with a Cleveland Browns.

“There’s a lot of changeable and motion, perplexing to get a invulnerability to adjust,” he said. “Norv uses a parsimonious finish a lot, screens, shots down a field. He has good accumulation in his offense and keeps we off balance.”

Belichick also pronounced that Deontae Skinner will substantially take some snaps during linebacker with Jamie Collins dead this afternoon.

11:42 am: Both Dennard (shoulder) and White have both been deactivated for today’s game, and wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins is also on that list.

Without Thompkins, who had 5 receptions for 37 yards on 10 targets in Week 1, design Aaron Dobson to have a large purpose in a flitting diversion this afternoon. Dobson is active after sitting out Week 1.

Here is a full list of Patriots inactives, courtesty of The Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe:

11:15 am: Things apparently altered utterly a bit on Friday, when star Vikings using behind Adrian Peterson was announced out following his complaint for reckless or inattentive damage to a child. Peterson was requisitioned and expelled from a Texas jail early Saturday.

The Patriots will also be yet a pivotal player, as linebacker Jamie Collins was ruled out Saturday night due to a thigh injury. Collins played all yet one snap in Week 1 opposite a Dolphins, and a Patriots will have to trifle their linebacking corps and defensive line a bit yet a three-down actor in Collins. This could meant possibly Rob Ninkovich or Chandler Jones see some time during linebacker, and creatively sealed Deontea Skinner (who was sealed to a 53-man register from a use patrol on Saturday) could also see some movement — depending if a Patriots go 4-3 or 3-4.

We’ll also be monitoring a standing of cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who was seen on a margin with a trainers roughly 2 1/2 hours forward of a diversion along with rookie using behind James White. They are expected game-time decisions, yet conjunction actor seemed on a damage news during a week. Logan Ryan is a expected claimant to start in place of Dennard if he can't go, with Malcolm Butler personification an increasing hurl as well.

On a descent line a Patriots will be yet backup core Ryan Wendell, who was also ruled out Saturday night with a knee injury. Wendell was partial of a descent line revolution in Week 1, and his deficiency will expected meant that Dan Connolly shares a core duties with rookie Bryan Stork — if a third-round collect is healthy. If it’s not Stork, Josh Kline is a expected claimant to share time with Connolly.

We’ll find out many some-more when inactives are announced during 11:30 am. Stick with for all a updates streamer adult to and via this afternoon’s game!


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