Past, benefaction NFL-ers slice Roger Goodell press conference

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NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use limited to low res record max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiHoward Simmons/New York Daily News Roger Goodell’s reviews are in and… they’re not pretty.

Roger Goodell might consider a 32 NFL owners have his behind amid a ongoing misunderstanding in a league’s front office, though copiousness of stream and former football players wanted blood Friday, with some pursuit for a commissioner’s abdication after his vale midtown press conference.

“As prolonged as Roger Goodell is heading a NFL and he’s a face behind a shield, we will have a same emotions we had currently examination this press conference. Listening to him pronounce in circles, wondering, ‘Man, what is this man articulate about?’ ” pronounced former Patriots linebacker and stream ESPN researcher Tedy Bruschi.

“So as we continue and pierce brazen and Roger Goodell is a commissioner, we will continue to feel that approach each time we see him. In my personal opinion, being a former actor that spent 13 years in this joining perplexing to do a right thing, we wish a new commissioner to lead my league. we wish a new commissioner to go out there and contend a right things and be that personality since right now, Roger Goodell is not that and we don’t consider he can ever be that.

“Roger Goodell needs to step down and pierce on.”

Although Goodell betrothed changes to what he described as a damaged disciplinary complement – generally with courtesy to a league’s personal control process and how it’s administered — many football pundits weighed in while a press discussion was function or shortly after it concluded. The remarks were not pretty.

Baltimore receiver Torrey Smith tweeted: “What Roger only pronounced is a accurate same thing that players contend when they make a mistake and beg their case.”

“This dude is adult here revelation lies. . . . It’s unbelievable,” tweeted Myles White, a former Green Bay receiver. “So is Roger Goodell going to Resign or No? If not afterwards we don’t got anything to speak about.”

ESPN flashed one of former Seahawk Sidney Rice’s tweets on a shade while Goodell spoke: “Boo this man…” Ouch.

“This press discussion is pointless,” tweeted Colts cornerback Darius Butler. “Media could have saved a lot of $ and time and only asked him these questions on twitter. Much easier to omit and answer what u wish here.”

Former Jet Braylon Edwards tweeted: “It’s easy to pass settlement when we are a judge. Commissioner Goddell looks like a competitor on dancing with a stars with his stances.”

Ex-lineman and stream ESPN researcher Mark Schlereth said: “The infancy of players that play in this joining right now and former players do not trust a commissioner of this league.” And former star QB Donovan McNabb tweeted: “Watching Roger Goodells presser done me feel like he’s still dancing around a fact that a fasten was sent and received. Feel a same way?”

Goodell, for his part, pronounced he never deliberate resigning in a past several weeks, as his joining has faced a torrent of disastrous broadside over a doing of a Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson domestic assault cases. Sidney Rice, however, wondered how Goodell was means to keep his pursuit after so most fumbling.

“I know some people that got it wrong and don’t have a pursuit anymore,” Rice tweeted. “Does this meant it’s ok to get it wrong? You benefit 0 yards on an inc pass!”

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