‘Passionate’ Christie wants Jeb Bush to answer some-more questions

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks to Laura Ingraham during a 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 26, 2016. (H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY)

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Don’t call him testy or hot-headed. Call him “passionate.”

That’s how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie described himself before a full residence of regressive activists during a CPAC entertainment Tuesday, when talk-show horde Laura Ingraham review off a list of a unflattering adjectives infrequently practical to Christie.

“The word they skip is passionate,” Christie said. Referring to a much-viewed video of Christie barking during a  New Jersey proprietor during a city gymnasium meeting. “Sometimes people need to be told to lay down and close up,” Christie said, to applause.

“Some some-more of that things should be function in D.C.,” he said. “There’s so most absurd things being spewed.”

But he told Jeb Bush, in so many words, to mount adult and start talking.  The city gymnasium meetings he conducts in New Jersey are  “what inaugurated officials owe to their constituents,” Christie said, an unsubtle anxiety to Bush responding usually pre-screened questions during his new speeches. “Everybody who aspires to high positions of caring … should be peaceful to take unscreened, unprompted questions from a people who compensate their salary.”

Back home, Christie is traffic with New Jersey’s bill woes brought on by a rising costs of open worker pensions. Ingraham quizzed him on issues unpopular with CPAC’s regressive audience, including Common Core educational standards; he pronounced he “of course” regrets ancillary them. He reiterated his antithesis to an increasing smallest salary and to abortion.

Christie comes to CPAC — where he got a good accepting final year — confronting muted check numbers, temperate fundraising and disastrous coverage of his gusto for oppulance transport during others’ expense.

“I don’t caring what they write about me in The New York Times,” Christie pronounced of a newspaper, that documented Christie’s transport paid by King Abdullah of Jordan, among others. “They can keep it. we don’t subscribe.’’

A new Quinnipiac Poll of expected Iowa caucus-goers expelled this week shows him with a insignificant 4% support and lagging good behind Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, another GOP administrator who leads a state that trends Democratic. More discouraging for Christie: 30% of expected Iowa caucus-goers perspective him agreeably vs. 54% who don’t. “Is a choosing subsequent week?” Christie said. “I’m not disturbed about what a polls contend 21 months before we elect a president. If we do run, I will run a tough fighting debate where we will quarrel for a tough operative taxpayers of this country. I’ve finished flattering good so far.”

Christie is viewed to have gotten off to a delayed start in a presidential race, generally as Bush — a opposition for support from mainstream Republicans — has sealed adult fundraisers and staff.

“If a elites in Washington make backroom deals to confirm who he subsequent boss is going to be, (Bush) is definitely a front-runner,” Christie said. If electorate select “somebody who looks them in a eye, I’ll do OK.”

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