Paris attack: What we know today

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A day after heavily armed troops mounted coexisting attacks on dual warrant standoffs, murdering 3 apprehension suspects, a manhunt continues for a womanlike think related to a apprehension attacks.

Here’s what we know:

Muslim supermarket owners saved lives in warrant crisis

Lassana Bathily is being hailed as a hero after he hid business during a Jewish grocery store electrocute that left 4 passed in Paris on Friday.

Bathily, 24, a store worker and a Muslim male from Mali, led 15 people downstairs to safety, stealing several inside a freezer in a grocery’s basement, according to French broadcaster BFMTV.

Suspect might have left a country

A large manhunt for a womanlike suspect, Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, related to a array of lethal apprehension attacks could be called off amid reports she is no longer in France and appears to have left before this week’s apprehension attacks struck that nation.

An Turkish comprehension central told a Associated Press on Saturday that a lady with a same name and imitative a widely distributed print of Boumeddiene flew to Istanbul on Jan. 2. Authorities trust she trafficked to Sanliurfa nearby a Syrian limit on Jan. 4, afterwards disappeared.

Boumeddiene had been wanted in tie with a Thursday sharpened genocide of a policewoman, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, 27. A troops circular on Friday described her as armed and dangerous.

Hiding male texted French troops during attack

Lilian Lepere, a 26-year-old striking engineer during a business, managed to sojourn undetected during a whole standoff and became an constituent troops fan that helped save lives — including his own, according to several reports. Inside a building during a attack, he is believed to have given vicious updates during Friday’s warrant situation.

Phone calls exchanged

Boumeddiene exchanged 500 phone calls in 2014 with a mother of Cherif Kouachi, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said.

Authorities are digging for some-more information about a calls and cruise Boumeddiene an “important witness” who contingency be questioned, pronounced Christophe Crepin, orator for a UNSA troops union.

Security stepped up

France remained on a tip turn of warning Saturday, with a complicated confidence participation simply manifest on Paris city streets as good as during houses of worship, landmarks and supervision buildings.

World editor Owen Ullmann talks about a Paris attacks and how home-grown terrorism is mostly unfit for officials to prevent.

One think expelled though charges

Haymd Mourad, 18 has been expelled though charges, according to French media. Little had been famous about Mourad, another think in a Charlie Hebdo assault. French media reported Saturday that he is a brother-in-law of a dual brothers — Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said, 34 — believed to be obliged for a electrocute during a satirical journal on Wednesday.

The teen told authorities he had an alibi, observant he was during propagandize during a time of a mass murder, a BBC reported. His detainment stirred classmates during his propagandize to broadcast his innocence.

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Family of Ahmed Merabet hosts press conference

The family of one of a troops officers killed during Wednesday’s conflict gave an romantic news discussion on Saturday, a BBC News reports.

“I wish to contend to all a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic people, that one contingency not commingle extremists and Muslims,” Merabet’s hermit Malek Merabet said.

The family pronounced they were “proud” of a gatherings in respect of a victims and of a togetherness that France has displayed though they were “devastated by this act of barbarity.”

French boss binds puncture confidence meeting

President Francois Holland brought together tip supervision and confidence officials Saturday, including a heads of all French troops army and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, to plead how to secure a country. The assembly — also attended by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Justice Minister Christine Taubira — was directed during interlude any repeat attacks. Police are now guarding places of ceremony and traveller sites.

Rally, impetus to be reason Sunday

A Parisian togetherness convene opposite extremists has been planned. Hollande will attend, as will a horde of other universe leaders, including: British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb. French Interior Minister Cazeneuve told reporters Saturday that required measures have been taken to pledge reserve during a demonstration.

In Washington, D.C., a Embassy of France will horde a wordless impetus and a French envoy will attend. “The impetus is open to all who would like to join together to respect a memory of a victims of a attacks and rivet in oneness in a quarrel for leisure of debate and leisure of opinion,” non-profit Alliance Française de Washington pronounced in a statement.

Kleine Zeitung from Graz, Austria.Diario Catarinense from Florianpolis, Brazil.La Presse from Montreal, Canada.Ara from Barcelona.A Tarde from Bahia, Brazil.Bild is published in Germany.The National Post from Toronto.El Colombiano is published in Medellin, Colombia.Buenos Aires Herald in Argentina.The Trentonian is published in  New Jersey.Heute in  Vienna.De Standaard from Belgium.Pagina Siete from La Paz, Bolivia.The Chicago Sun Times.Correio Braziliense is published in Brasilia, Brazil.Front page of a The Bakersfield Californian.The Calgary Metro from Canada.Peru 21 from Lima.Vecernji List from Zagreb, Croatia.DNES is published in Prague.El Nuevo Herald from Miami.El Quetzalteco from Guatemala.Eszak from Hungary.The Boston Herald.Star from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.De Volkskrant from Amsterdam.The New York Daily News.Aftonbladet from Sweden.The London TimesThe U.S. troops journal Stars and Stripes.USA TODAY

Three apprehension suspects killed Friday

Two group believed to be obliged for Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo electrocute died following a shootout with police. The brothers — Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said, 34 — stealing out in a room north of Paris and had taken a hostage.

In a apart occurrence 30 miles away, Coulibaly, 32, was killed by troops after he seized hostages during a Parisian kosher supermarket.

Neighbors of Cherif Kouachi, one of a Paris apprehension suspects, desribe a 32-year-old as a normal guy. USA TODAY’s Kim Hjelmgaard takes us on a debate of Kouachi’s former unit building.

Is there an al-Qaeda link?

Hours after Friday’s standoffs ended, al-Qaeda’s bend in Yemen pronounced it had “directed” a electrocute during a publicationas punish for a honor” of soothsayer Mohammed, according to a statement.The weekly paper has published cartoons caricaturing Mohammed.

U.S. authorities are reviewing a explain of responsibility, dual U.S. officials told USA TODAY.

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