Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Talks A Big Game Against Amazon Web Services

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Oracle wants a universe to know it has Amazon in a sights.

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman, pronounced Sunday during a company’s annual patron discussion in San Francisco that he considers Amazon to be Oracle’s series one aspirant when it comes to a business of offered computing ability on demand, also famous as cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services is now deliberate a personality in cloud computing, according to many record analysts and observers. A new Gartner news pronounced that Amazon’s S3 cloud storage use binds some-more than double a volume of patron information than a subsequent 7 cloud use providers in total.

Ellison has been stepping adult a rhetoric opposite Amazon


over a past year, as Oracle


attempts to make a large business offered computing resources on demand, that record analysts also impute to as Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

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In a latest earnings report, Oracle pronounced it brought in $171 million in sales, a 7% year-over-year increase. Amazon, however, reported in a latest gain that it’s IaaS business landed $2.89 billion in revenue, a 58% year-over-year bump.

Ellison took many opportunities to exaggerate about Oracle’s new cloud services, like one called Cloud@Customer that lets business run Oracle’s cloud computing infrastructure services within their possess supposed on-premise information core infrastructure.

When it comes to offered cloud program services, he said, Oracle competes with Workday


and Salesforce, and not a longtime chronological opposition SAP


. Additionally, when it comes to offered computing ability on demand, Oracle’s series one aspirant is Amazon, not IBM


or EMC, dual other bequest craving companies.

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“This is monumental change,” Ellison said, in courtesy to how a arise of cloud computing has altered a craving record landscape and introduced “a whole new set of competitors.”

Ellison concurred that Amazon “is a pioneer” when it comes to offered cloud computing resources on demand. He compared a business of offered computing on direct to that of how application companies sell gas and electricity.

Still, Oracle faces unbending foe in a cloud computing business.

Although Ellison minute some of his company’s cloud computing record and explained what would occur if one of Oracle’s information centers were to go offline (the underlying infrastructure is so reliant that business shouldn’t “even know about it,” he said), he did not exhibit specific skeleton on how Oracle would be building out information centers opposite a world, or that new locations it’s scouting. It should be remarkable that Amazon, Microsoft, and Google also exaggerate of identical supposed fault-tolerant data core architecture.

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The business of offered computing ability on direct requires a lot of spending on information core infrastructure, with cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all spending billions of dollars a year. Oracle pronounced in a latest quarter that it spent $299 million on collateral expenditures relating to information centers.

Ellison pronounced that Oracle’s cloud computing plan takes into comment a thought that business wish to use a brew of their possess information centers, as good as those from providers, an thought that some impute to as a “hybrid cloud,” that Microsoft has also claimed it supports.

He took a shot during one of Amazon’s database services, observant that it usually works on Amazon’s cloud use and that “if we try to run it on someplace else, it only doesn’t work.”

Ellison also claimed that Oracle would sell a cloud services cheaper than Amazon, underscoring a foe among cloud computing providers when it comes to pricing for their services.

“If we aren’t wiling to compensate less, we can’t place a order,” Ellison joked to a crowd.

For some-more on Oracle, watch Fortune’s video:

And like a spiraling series of companies that have been debuting synthetic comprehension and associated data-crunching services, as good as supposed chatbots, Ellison talked about Oracle’s possess versions of a smart technologies.

Also on Sunday—and expected not a coincidence—Oracle opposition Salesforce


denounced some-more sum on a Salesforce Einstein synthetic comprehension technology. The developments will presumably impregnate Salesforce’s marketing, sales, and other cloud program collection with some-more modernized information crunching capabilities.

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