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It is wise that Gov. Sam Brownback has a highway map in a age of GPS. How many trips to a use hire will he make seeking for directions?

Thanks to Brownback there is now something agree than Kansas – Kansas’ economy.

The object is resplendent in Kansas on a fat cats for sure. However, it is pale during my house, along with those of a many Kansans who mislaid their jobs due to Brownback.

I consider Brownback might be a “Reverse Robin Hood” in that his taxation devise seems to sack a bad and give to a rich.

Kansas was recently named a fifth-best state for educating a children and well doing so. Paul Davis wants some-more income to go into a bucket for education, though as a standard Democrat would rubbish a income elsewhere.

Davis voted opposite increasing propagandize funding. Davis is not a solution. He is partial of a problem.

I am watchful for a state to chuck out all Kathleen Sebelius did. Our state is still in debt given of her tax-and-spend ideas.

Light ’em up. We have not had a improved reason to announce fight on people given World War II. This is not about oil or economics now. It’s about a misfortune form of tellurian abuse.

Unfortunately, it is going to take another Sept. 11 to incite many to how dangerous Obama’s pacifist unfamiliar process unequivocally is. Sometimes we have to mount adult to a bully, either we wish to or not.

Liberals used to contend George Bush “created” terrorists by fighting behind opposite them. Obama is now training that by not fighting behind he has combined many thousands some-more than Bush ever did.

The boss has famous about a building ISIS hazard for a year and has finished zero about it. Yet his administration has a hold on each propagandize lunch menu in a land.

People in a U.S. are blank a few rungs in a ladder to present income to an online fundraiser for anything. Two sites collected some-more than $430,000 to support a military officer. Wonder where a income goes.

So how many thousands of dollars will be wasted, er, spent on re-branding Wichita? Think of a lipstick that could buy.

I have seen highways built in Dallas during a time it’s holding to finish a ascent to a intersection during Ridge Road and 29th Street North.

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