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Raising taxes, including sales taxes, never combined a private-sector job.

Conservatives hatred supervision and therefore can’t govern.

Since Obama wants to agreement out a quarrel with ISIS, he should give American contractors a event to bid on a contract.

What does Obama consider it’s going to accomplish by promulgation quarrel infantry to quarrel a Ebola virus?

You can’t trust your opinion in Kansas. In 2012 they couldn’t count a ballots right. Now, we spin in a petition to get something on a list and they tell we there aren’t adequate signatures. Somebody needs to get fired.

All a Democrats need for an effective anti-Roberts blurb is to uncover a recliner in a center of a wheat field. That would contend volumes.

If Pat Roberts loses this choosing and Kris Kobach retains his office, it’s a certain gamble Kobach will have a formula tied adult in justice for a foreseeable future.

I would like to appreciate a members of a Kansas Supreme Court for permitting Chad Taylor to mislay his name from a ballot. If a male doesn’t wish to paint his constituents, he shouldn’t reason open office. Hear that, Kobach? Governor?

It’s needed that we not send someone to Washington who will only go along with whatever celebration wins a Senate. Greg Orman, what do we mount for, my friend? Liberal or conservative? we do not trust you.

Do we exclude to opinion for Greg Orman or Paul Davis since they are not Republicans? If so, are we prepared to see this state go into offer decrease since we are reluctant to opinion for a best chairman for a job? Vote smart.

Even if Gov. Sam Brownback’s outrageous taxation cut for 190,000 businesses does finish adult generating 100,000 jobs, those smallest salary jobs could not start to make adult for a mislaid income Kansas has gifted so far.

It’s time for those held handling a car while marred to henceforth remove their pushing privileges with a bargain that if they’re held again they will offer a prolonged jail sentence.

I didn’t consider it would ever happen. we only review a Leonard Pitts mainstay on spanking (Sept. 22 Opinion), and we concluded with a man.

The delivery of a inhabitant anthem on “Monday Night Football” by an NYPD officer put a rip in my eye.

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