Opinion Line (Nov. 6)

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I trust many people voted opposite a sales taxation since they don’t trust a leaders are regulating a supports that have been entrusted to them good and following a will of a people. We wish a leaders to have foreknowledge in a bill process.

It looks like electorate don’t like being threatened with aloft rates. Separate a issues. Try again.

It seems that Kansans are all for progress, as prolonged as it doesn’t engage change.

This choosing should be a summary to all a liberals that they are a ever-decreasing minority, despite a shrill one. Now we need to get all of a big-government Republicans out of bureau and reinstate them with loyal conservatives.

Tuesday’s choosing was an collision watchful to happen. It happened.

The people have oral shrill and clear, and a strenuous Republican Party victories uncover all is good in a Sunflower State.

How unhappy that a infancy of electorate in Kansas can't consider for themselves. They go to their polling plcae and usually opinion their purebred domestic celebration though researching and deliberation who is indeed a best candidate.

We survived 8 years of George W. Bush; we will tarry 8 years of Barack Obama. God willing, we will tarry 4 some-more years of Sam Brownback. we don’t know how, though we will.

The usually good thing about Brownback being re-elected is that he will have to understanding with his possess mess.

A large win for a Bill Snyder-Pat Roberts team!

Well, Roberts won re-election, so we theory we’ll see him again in about 6 years.

The new elections infer that The Eagle editorial house is as out of hold with Kansans as President Obama is with a whole nation.

The Eagle’s years-long trashing of statewide Republican officeholders had small outcome in a end.

Brownback won! Hot dog! Four some-more years of Richard Crowson’s cartoons.

Thank we to all a Republican bashers who submitted to a Opinion Line and energized a Republican voting bottom in Wichita.

What are we training a children about a election? Play unwashed and we win, or play satisfactory and we lose.

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