Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 3)

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If we don’t face ISIS now, your children and grandchildren will be unfailing for a troops career.

Another Pakistani lady beaten to genocide by her family. Tell me again because we give this brutal, backward, terroristic nation billions in aid. The usually thing we should be giving it are bombs delivered by secrecy bombers.

My landlord owes some-more than $150,000 (five years of skill tax) on a building where we am a tenant. He does not caring about publications in a paper. we do not like profitable lease to a deadbeat landlord. Why not foreclose on such properties? Where is a enforcement?

My neighbor has dual motorcycles, 3 cars, dual trucks and a vast boat, all with Oklahoma tags. He says he is borrowing them from his son who lives in Oklahoma. Kansas taxation problem solved.

A 20-year-old unarmed white male was shot and killed by a black military officer in Utah. True, another tragedy, though it hardly was mentioned in a media. Shouldn’t it work both ways?

I don’t trust any politician who won’t recover their taxation returns. we won’t opinion for Kris Kobach.

Kobach doth criticism too most over not releasing his taxation records. Perhaps he doesn’t wish Kansans to see how most he’s creation on projects that have zero to do with Kansas.

So Kobach thinks it’s “silly” and “intrusive” to recover his taxation returns. It’s no sillier than his diverting explain that he spends fewer than 5 hours a week of his possess time using all over a nation creation certain folks in other states join a 18,000 Kansans who can’t vote.

It will be be a good day when Gov. Sam Brownback and Kobach get voted out of office. Let’s make certain it happens this November. Vote.

“A good regulated Militia, being required to a confidence of a giveaway State, a right of a people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Well regulated.

Mr. President, we are on to your youthful games. You have Harry Reid retard all bills from a House so we can censure a Republicans for not doing anything. Please let a complement work as designed.

The Democrats censure Republicans for everything. They use shock tactics. They have no accomplishments to run on, so they censure others or distract. The Democrats’ fight on women is giveaway birth control and abortions so they have no responsibility.

President Obama and Eric Holder should pierce to Hollywood. They already live in a yarn world.

AARP sole we out to Obamacare. Good fitness to that.

How about someone using for a House of Representatives only saying, “I guarantee we will paint you, a people, in Washington”? Wouldn’t that be nice?

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