Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 25)

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Football players are taught in high school, college and a NFL to be meant and aggressive. Then people consternation because a players dedicate attack and battery.

I bought some garlic during a large, obvious grocery store. It came from China.

It’s a unhappy day when a inaugurated officials can’t find income to save Judge Riddel Boys Ranch during Lake Afton though can find even some-more income for an animal barn. We know where their concerns are.

Could we all determine to sinecure a new secretary of state in November? Our category jester is embarrassing.

Politics is like dog poo. You’re always stepping in somebody else’s business.

Isn’t it mocking that a Kansas Legislature can pass and order laws and a Supreme Court justices can change a laws to fit their wants?

Pat Roberts doesn’t get it. we don’t caring how Greg Orman votes. He’ll opinion what he thinks is best for Kansas. Roberts votes opposite a other side. He wants to go behind to D.C. to fight. Orman goes to assistance Kansans and urge a system.

Does it seem peculiar that a Democrat claimant for a Senate drops out, and all media courtesy turns to multimillionaire Greg Orman? If Orman were a Republican, The Eagle and a Democrat acolytes in a media would be great out in dismay and exposing him as a fraud.

A purebred Kansas voter (whose son works for Sam Brownback’s re-election campaign) is suing for a right to opinion for a Democrat for U.S. senator. The law is clear: When he votes, he can write in a name of anyone he wants.

In a new survey, 1 in 4 Americans was open to seceding from a United States. That is an shocking series and shows what a miserable pursuit a veteran politicians have finished using a country.

The Obama unfamiliar policies: Don’t cranky this red line; well, never mind. We’ll mount behind you; ah, no we won’t. We’ll be here to strengthen you, though we lift out a troops. After all that, we have no allies left to assistance us with ISIS.

Obama is incompetent. He private a infantry progressing than advised. Now he’s promulgation them behind to presumably die. He needs to lapse a Nobel Peace Prize. He also is promulgation infantry to Africa instead of to strengthen a border.

Yes, Bush got us into Iraq, though a stream conditions is wholly of Obama’s making. We pulled out only so Obama could say, “I got us out of Iraq.” Are we wakeful that a Iraqis most begged us to stay?

The retrogression that this nation is still recuperating from took George Bush 8 years to accomplish. we find it tough to trust that people impugn Obama for not carrying it bound in 6 years.

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