OKC’s Jackson not awaiting to play Saturday

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— Thunder backup indicate ensure Reggie Jackson told reporters Saturday morning, “I don’t consider I’ll be means to go tonight,” when asked if he expects to play in OKC’s home opener opposite a Denver Nuggets. Jackson has been sidelined for a initial dual games of a unchanging deteriorate with a sprained right ankle.

“God could hold me and move me behind tonight, that’s possible, though right now we don’t consider I’m gonna be means to go,” Jackson said. “I could usually arise adult in a few hours and feel great, usually not sure.”

The Thunder are already though starting indicate ensure Russell Westbrook who underwent successful medicine now on a damaged index finger on his right hand. Westbrook strictly now approaching to skip during slightest a subsequent month.

If Jackson can’t play tonight a Thunder will have to rest on Sebastian Telfair who is a usually healthy indicate ensure now on a roster.

The Thunder will also be though Jeremy Lamb tonight who continues to redeem from a stretched reduce behind and of march they continue to understanding with a prolonged tenure absences of Kevin Durant, Anthony Morrow, Mitch McGary and Grant Jerrett.

That adds adult to 7 players out and usually 8 who are healthy adequate to be in uniform opposite unless Jackson’s right ankle feels improved by gametime.

“Gotta try to get a conjuration off us, we’re praying for any and everybody daily, usually anticipating that one day we can come in and afterwards leave with a same health. We’re usually all perplexing to get better.”

Jackson had also hoped to strech an agreement with a Thunder on a agreement prolongation though that didn’t happen.

“You wish for a best and design a misfortune in everything, it didn’t get finished and a unfortunately a deadline upheld though it happens, can’t do anything about it now.”

Jackson stressed by a summer he wanted to be a starter and in sold a starter during indicate guard. He got that event final deteriorate when he filled in for Westbrook who during that time was recuperating from additional knee surgery. Now he will have that event again while Westbrook recovers from finger surgery.

But that’s not a approach Jackson wanted to be promoted.

“When we pronounced authority a group we didn’t meant being a proxy starter or anything like that, so I’ll usually try to fill my purpose while I’m here and when we get behind I’m usually gonna try and stay healthy and play to a best of my ability.”

Staying healthy has been a outrageous problem for a Thunder, a group hasn’t been during 100 percent given before training stay started though notwithstanding all a waste Jackson said, “we still feel like we’ve got a talent to win games, we usually have to find ways to do so.”

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