Ohio Politics Now: What John Kasich pronounced about his assembly with President Obama

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Want to know what’s function in Ohio supervision and politics from Columbus to Washington, D.C.? The Columbus Dispatch has we covered.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is streamer to a White House currently to join a bipartisan row who will accommodate with President Barack Obama to plead support of a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Dispatch Washington contributor Jessica Wehrman writes.

“In appearing during a White House, Kasich, a Republican, is demonstrating how a agreement is one of a few that breaks celebration lines in both support and opposition. Both presidential possibilities Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump conflict a agreement, observant they’re endangered about a impact on U.S. workers. Sen. Rob Portman, a former U.S. Trade Ambassador, has also pronounced he can't support a agreement in a stream form. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, also opposes a deal,” Wehrman writes.

What Kasich said: “This is a initial time a possibilities in both vital domestic parties contend they are against to giveaway trade. It’s strange to me,” Kasich told CNN’s Dana Bash.

And: “I acquire a fact that people will impugn me for putting my nation forward of my party.”

Who else will be there? U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who served underneath President George W. Bush; Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat; former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent; IBM President and CEO Virginia Rometty; Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, a Democrat; and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis (Ret).

So has he motionless who he is voting for in November? Kasich, who forsaken out a GOP presidential assignment competition in May and has refused to validate Trump, pronounced it is “very unlikely” that he will opinion for Trump though “I’m not voting for Hillary.”


On a debate trail: Chelsea Clinton was in Westerville Thursday, stumping for her mom and articulate to debate volunteers, Dispatch contributor Kaitlin Fochesato writes.

What Chelsea said: “Everything we all caring about is during interest this election,” Chelsea said, mentioning a new U.S. Supreme Court preference to repudiate Ohio’s Golden Week, a duration of time in that Ohioans can register to opinion and opinion early.


Happening this weekend: Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will be in Ohio to debate for Clinton, who is behind on a debate route herself after being sidelined by pneumonia.


In a polls: A spate of polls expelled this week has Trump adult in Ohio over Clinton and now FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver has forecasts Trump has a 57 percent possibility of winning Ohio.


On a countdown: 53 days until a ubiquitous election.


Are we purebred to vote? You have until Oct. 11 to make certain we are purebred to vote. We have a accessible beam of all a info we need including links to forms to get we prepared to vote.


What’s John Boehner adult to? “Former House Speaker John Boehner has a new gig – and it’s tied to one of his favorite vices,” Wehrman writes.

“The West Chester Republican, who late from a House final year, is now a executive during Reynolds American Inc., a tobacco association that creates Camel and Newport.”

In box we didn’t know: Boehner was mostly seen smoking Camel Ultra Lights during his time in a House.


From a governor’s office: “Kasich has released an sequence instructing his Executive Workforce Board to find ways to mislay barriers to training and practice opportunities for Ohioans who need them,” Dispatch contributor Mark Williams writes.

“The idea includes final what skills workers need now and in a entrance years to accommodate a final of employers, and ensuring that training programs are there to accommodate these needs.”


About those news cards: “The news cards a state of Ohio sent out on Thursday morning for a open propagandize districts and buildings are of a accumulation that you’d censor in a deep, dim slot of your backpack, in a hopes that Mom and Dad don’t ask about it,” Dispatch reporters Shannon Gilchrist and Bill Bush write.

“The D’s and F’s that seem on a class cards of even a suburban “honor students” reaffirm what Ohio Department of Education officials have been observant for months: The statewide tests were opposite nonetheless again final year. The numerical hurdles that schools need to transparent have been lifted and will arise again subsequent year. Don’t review too most into these scores until a complement has stabilized after a few years.”

See how your district did.


Out of Washington: “Rep. Pat Tiberi is introducing a House chronicle of Sen. Rob Portman’s check directed during interlude a widespread of fake drugs,” Wehrman writes.

“Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, and Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., introduced a check currently that would make it some-more formidable for drugs such as fentanyl and carfentanil from being shipped into a United States by a U.S. postal system. The post office, distinct UPS and FedEx, does not need allege electronic etiquette information for equipment being shipped into a United States. And since of a perfect volume of mail, U.S. Customs and Border Protection can’t indicate a packages and stop them from being sent to a U.S.”


On this day: According to a Dispatch library, on this day in 2009, “Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland appoints Lisa Patt-McDaniel, who has been heading a Ohio Department of Development on an halt basement for a past 4 months, as a new director. Patt-McDaniel, 44, replaces Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, who quiescent as growth executive in Feb to run for a U.S. Senate. Patt-McDaniel is a initial lady to lead a department. ”


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