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In early November, when a San Francisco 49ers stood during 4-4 after a tough detriment to a multiplication opposition St. Louis Rams, conduct manager Jim Harbaugh was asked during a Monday press discussion if he was confident with descent coordinator Greg Roman’s performance. 

“As we watch a tape, we see where we all have fingerprints on this from an descent perspective,” Harbaugh said, per’s Paul Gutierrez“It wasn’t only one guy. Wasn’t only one player, wasn’t only one coach. So that’s what we saw.”

Unfortunately for a organization, Harbaugh couldn’t have been some-more right—the 49ers’ woes this deteriorate start during a unequivocally tip and drip down, from ubiquitous manager Trent Baalke to Harbaugh to Roman and finally a personnel. 

Owner Jed York took to Twitter to demonstrate his beating with a team’s opening Thursday night.

It’s been a surprise, to contend a least, to see a group that looked so finish this offseason that a breeze was radically an annoyance of cache teeter so obviously. Sitting during 7-5 after a Thanksgiving Day trouncing by a Seattle Seahawks, maybe a many concerning emanate for San Francisco has been a multiplication play.

While a 49ers had a span of early-season wins opposite clever foe in Dallas and Philadelphia, they are only 1-3 opposite multiplication rivals and third in a NFC West behind a 9-2 Arizona Cardinals and 8-4 Seattle. 

And while San Francisco’s issues on offense have been varied, a censure starts during a top. 

On Nov 3, former 49ers quarterback Steve Young remarked that a 49ers looked “broken,” and Baalke couldn’t rebut that. “There are some things broken,” he pronounced on his weekly radio show, around a San Jose Mercury News‘ Cam Inman. “…You can’t keep doing a same things over and over, can’t keep creation a same mistakes over and over.”

Yet accurately that—trying a same thing over and overis partial of what has tormented San Francisco this season. Roman’s play-calling has been controversial during best during points this deteriorate and officious catastrophic during worst. 

Who can forget a 13-10 detriment during home to a St. Louis Rams in which, on 1st-and-2 with one notation to go, a 49ers attempted 3 passes in a quarrel that did not embody handing a round off to Frank Gore: a execution to Michael Crabtree for one yard, an catastrophic play-action try and a quarterback hide by Colin Kaepernick that resulted in a game-ending fumble.

In fact, Roman’s extraordinary rejection to palm Gore a round in suitable situations has been clear all season. Over a final 3 seasons, given Roman began his reign as descent coordinator, Gore has averaged 1,184 yards and 8 touchdowns per season. 

In 2014, he’s on gait for 912 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

But how could his prolongation not drop, given his diminution in use? Over a final 3 seasons, Gore averaged 272 carries. This season, during 171 by 12 games, he might hardly mangle 200.

Why is Roman vouchsafing go of a good thing? Back in October, a descent coordinator explained that tying Gore’s carries was a unwavering effort, per CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco

“We don’t wish to only float that stallion all day, each day,” Roman said. “There’s a indicate of abating earnings during some point. That’s roughly loyal for any actor during that position. Who gets strike some-more than regulating backs?”

But what’s unequivocally been abating is a 49ers’ flitting game. Kaepernick threw a season-low 185 yards opposite a New York Giants in Week 11 and afterwards only 121 opposite Seattle. Perhaps meaningful that San Francisco isn’t going to be shoving Gore down anyone’s throats, defenses have been game-planning to take divided a flitting conflict instead, exposing a 49ers’ one-dimensional attack. 

Perhaps Roman would have some-more coherence if Kapernick was means to outmatch such defenses, though this deteriorate Kaepernick has looked dangerously like a one-read quarterback. If all defenses need to do to stop him is take divided his initial review and extent his ability to take off regulating when that falls apart, it won’t be difficult. 

He was during his misfortune opposite Seattle, finishing 16-of-29 for dual interceptions and 0 touchdowns. He missed large open receivers and got burnt for tantalizing Richard Sherman. 

With his new performances, is a front office’s preference to pointer Kaepernick to a six-year, $126 million prolongation fast apropos inauspicious? Or—more likely—are Harbaugh and Roman not regulating him ideally?

The 49ers’ many successful descent temperament is a power-running game, not perplexing to spin Kaepernick into a slot passer. Roman’s play-calling has discontinued rather than highlighted that former strength. 

Meanwhile, Harbaugh insisted behind in Sep that reports he was losing his locker room were “a garland of crap,” per Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today Sports. But after a Seattle detriment Thursday, a group has small to be grateful for. In a second-to-last year of his contract, has Harbaugh unequivocally done a box this deteriorate for an extension?

The 49ers offense is installed with talent during each position. But maybe subsequent deteriorate is an event to move in a conduct manager and descent coordinator who know how to improved implement it. 

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