Oculus pre-order date could get Rift in the hands in ‘2 to 4 weeks’

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Oculus VR’s trumpeting of a Oculus Rift’s upcoming pre-order date seems a small beforehand for excitement, though it could meant practical existence fans have headsets in palm in reduction than a month.

While this might seem speculative, it’s formed on a contention with Oculus Vice President of Product Nate Mitchell that came during a company’s final developer-focused conference, hold in Los Angeles in September. we asked Mitchell why, with a serf assembly of VR’s beginning adopters during a ready, Oculus had not nonetheless announced a pre-order date or cost for a final Rift Consumer headset, that had been creation a rounds given June.

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“There’s no rush to take pre-orders. We don’t need your income right now. It doesn’t advantage us, and it doesn’t advantage we either,” he said. “I’m a man who thinks about user knowledge all day long. Apple has nailed a consumer hardware launch experience. They announce it. You preorder it a subsequent week. They boat it to we a week after or within a 2-4 week window, and you’re like, ‘Yay yay yay!’

“If we announce pre-orders currently and we don’t boat until Jan 1st, it’s still a prolonged time. A prolonged time we’re holding your money, a lot of consumer expectation, a lot of waiting. We’re in no rush. We’re unequivocally about creation it a good experience.”

Mitchell’s difference can’t be hold as gospel; there are a lot of relocating pieces in a production process, and he substantially doesn’t have final say. But as a long-time member of a Oculus team, his thoughts could explain a practical existence company’s instruction when holding pre-orders. They might also indicate to a fact that a previously-announced Oculus Ready program, in that PCs from opposite manufacturers will be sole as prepared to hoop the headsets perfectionist specs, might hurl out during a same time.

“Another thing was we wanted a Oculus Ready module in full swing, so we could contend ‘I wish a Rift. we wish a PC. we wish them together.’ This is all things we’re pulling together to make VR some-more successful,” he added.

Sadly, Mitchell’s thoughts don’t extend to speculating about how most a consumer headset will cost. The association will announce that, along with a smoothness date, on Wednesday during 11 a.m. ET.

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