Obama writes private minute to Iranian president

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WASHINGTON — U.S. officials endorse President Obama sent a minute to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in mid-October, as initial reported in a Wall Street Journal.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest would conjunction endorse nor repudiate a letter’s existence.

“I’m not in a position to plead private association between a boss and any universe leader,” Earnest pronounced Thursday.

When asked about tip negotiations with Khamenei, Iran’s tip domestic and eremite leader, Earnest pronounced a White House “also” conducts private briefings with pivotal members of Congress on talks with Iran to finish a chief weapons program.

“There are also tip conversations between a administration and Congress about a negotiating plan with Iran,” Earnest said. “I’m not going to fact those tip conversations, either. But we am in a position to tell we that comparison administration officials have been and continue to be in really tighten hold with applicable members of Congress about a swell that we’re creation on these P5+1 talks.”

The deadline to strech a understanding with Iran on finale a office of chief weapons in sell for a lifting of general mercantile sanctions is Nov. 24. Iran is negotiating in Vienna with a U.S., personality of a talks, and Russia, China, Germany, France and a United Kingdom — a organisation famous as a P5+1.

Those informed with a Obama-Khamenei association contend open denials strengthen a notice within Khamenei’s middle round that he has a tip back-channel to Obama. U.S. officials would not divulge a essence of Obama’s letter, though doubtful a Journal’s row a minute sought to couple still-nettlesome chief negotiations with Iran’s support to quarrel a Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq.

White House officials emphasized Thursday that Obama’s negotiators have kept chief talks apart from any U.S. conversations with Iran about battling ISIS (which a White House calls ISIL) in Iraq.

“ISIL represents a hazard not usually to a United States, though also — and many immediately — to a whole region,” pronounced National Security Council mouthpiece Bernadette Meehan. “We trust all countries, regardless of their differences, should work toward a idea of spiritless and eventually destroying ISIL. We have broadly discussed a hazard of ISIL with Iran, and we are open to stability that contention as we accommodate going forward. But a chief traffic is a apart emanate from actions per ISIL.”

U.S. comprehension officials concur Iran has been intent for months in singular — mostly surreptitious — troops movement opposite ISIS army in Iraq. The many new instance is a bid to soothe Amerli of a hazard of being overshoot by ISIS forces. Shia militias, mostly trained, saved and armed by Iran, fought alongside Kurdish peshmerga fighters and Iraqi armed forces to giveaway Amerli, benefiting from U.S. airstrikes in a process.

U.S. officials pronounced Iran’s use of company army in Iraq indicates a Shia-dominated nation has already motionless to confront, in unaccepted ways, a Sunni-dominated ISIS hazard in Iraq. The officials pronounced that suggests Iran doesn’t need a provocation of a chief weapons understanding and a lifting of mercantile sanctions to informally join bloc efforts opposite ISIS.

On a probability of a chief understanding with Iran, Obama hinted during a honour those informed with his association with Khamenei contend it is designed to grasp — a thawing of anti-Americanism that could furnish a fortitude along a lines a administration seeks.

“They have their possess politics, and there’s a prolonged tradition of distrust between a dual countries,” Obama pronounced Wednesday of a Iranians. “And there’s a large apportionment of a domestic chosen that cut a teeth on anti-Americanism and still finds it available to censure America for each ill that there is. Whether we can indeed get a understanding done, we’re going to have to find out over a subsequent 3 to 4 weeks.

“If, in fact, what their care says, that they don’t wish to rise a chief a arms — if that is, in fact, true, afterwards they’ve got an entrance here to yield that declaration to a universe community, and in a progressive, step-by-step, verifiable way, concede them to get out from underneath sanctions.”

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