Obama shows churned formula in delivering on State of a Union promises

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Close Guantanamo. End a Iraq war. Tax a rich. Increase chief power. Drill for oil in a Atlantic.

President Obama called for all these initiatives and some-more in prior State of a Union speeches. Some came to pass; others did not. 

Tuesday’s State of a Union residence is approaching to be identical in range — filled with domestic wish-list items, some strikingly desirous deliberation Congress is now tranquil by Republicans. But when a boss creates such pledges — be it to supplement a million jobs, to solidify spending or to cut red fasten — should taxpayers trust a claims or boot them as domestic hype? 

A demeanour behind during his past addresses might assistance answer that question. 


Renewable energy: In 2009, a boss pronounced his mercantile liberation devise would “double a nations’ supply of renewable appetite in a subsequent 3 years.” 

That didn’t utterly happen. The share of renewable appetite in a U.S. increasing from 10.62 percent in 2009 to 12.6 percent in 2011, according to a U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

Deficit reduction: Obama also affianced to “cut a necessity in half by a finish of my initial tenure in office.” On that count, he eventually did — yet it took a year longer than he promised. The necessity fell to $680 billion in 2013 from $1.41 trillion in 2009. 

College graduation rates: “By 2020, America will once again have a tip suit of college graduates in a world,” Obama pronounced in 2009, when only 41 percent of  Americans graduated from college. That array now stands during 43 percent, a two-point benefit in 6 years and one of a slowest expansion rates in a world, according to a Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. It ranks a U.S. behind Russia, South Korea and Canada. The College Board ranks a U.S. 12th out of 36 countries. 

He also designed to tighten a U.S. apprehension core during Guantanamo Bay and open concept tax-free assets accounts for all Americans. Both efforts unsuccessful to fly in Congress. 


Nuclear power: In 2010, a boss betrothed to “build a new era of safe, purify chief appetite plants in a U.S.” That didn’t happen. 

Program cuts: “We will continue to go by a bill line by line to discharge programs that we can’t afford,” a boss told Congress in 2010. That, too, didn’t materialize.

The Congressional Budget Office summarized $100 billion in useful spending cuts in 2009. The Office of Management and Budget identified greedy and non-performing programs totaling another $100 billion in 2013. The Government Accountability Office identified $37 billion in duplicative programs in 2011.

Spending freeze: “Starting in 2011, we are prepared to solidify supervision spending for 3 years,” a president told Congress in 2010. For a many part, that happened. The sovereign bill remained about $3.5 trillion during that period. 

A guarantee to “change a tinge of a politics” was not as successful. Polls uncover an boost in partisanship among electorate and many censure a president, whose latest Gallup capitulation ratings float around 45 percent. 

He also famously pronounced ObamaCare “would safety a right of Americans who have word to keep their alloy and their plan.” That wasn’t true.

But Obama did guarantee to umpire a banks, remodel sovereign tyro assist and boost taxes on a rich. All became law. 


Immigration: “We should take on, once and for all, a emanate of bootleg immigration,” Obama pronounced in 2011.

While he never assured Congress to pass immigration reform, Obama acted alone, flitting a array of executive actions on immigration final November. 

Tax reform: In 2011, Obama pronounced a U.S. should “simplify a particular taxation code,” yet he did zero to pull a issue. On Tuesday night, he is approaching to call for some-more taxes on a tip earners, on investments and inheritances. 


Outsourcing punishment: In 2012, a boss betrothed to “stop rewarding businesses that boat jobs overseas.” That bid went nowhere as a White House did not pursue corporate taxation remodel in Congress, even yet a boss pronounced it remained a priority in his 2013 and 2014 State of a Union speeches as well. 

Regulation elimination: In 2012, a boss said, “I’ve systematic each sovereign group to discharge manners that don’t make sense.” The White House says it followed through, expelling dozens of old-fashioned rules, ruling all from a doing of spilled divert to comfortable atmosphere palm dryers.

However, a 2013 Federal Register contained 78,891 pages, 70 new laws and 2,898 new rules, according to a investigate by a Competitive Enterprise Institute, that says U.S. households “pay” $14,768 annually in dark taxes from nonessential regulations.

Obama also wanted to “cut by a obstruction of treacherous training programs” to revoke supervision rubbish and duplication. According to a Government Accountability Office, a sovereign supervision spends $18 billion a year on 47 overlapping pursuit training programs.

Oil and gas drilling: In response to aloft gas prices, in 2012 a boss said, “Tonight I’m directing my administration to open some-more than 75 percent of a intensity offshore oil and gas resources.” He did, yet a matter is misleading, given a Atlantic Ocean, and many of a Pacific and Alaskan waters, sojourn off limits. According to a U.S. Bureau of Ocean Management, 85 percent of a Outer Continental Shelf in a reduce 48 states is not open for scrutiny or drilling, including 45 percent of a Gulf of Mexico. 


Al Qaeda: In 2013, Obama said, “The classification that pounded us on 9/11 is a shade of a former self.” A year before, he said, “Al Qaeda operatives who sojourn are scrambling, meaningful that they can’t shun a strech of a United States of America.” In 2009, he pronounced “We will forge a new and extensive plan … to better Al Qaeda and fight extremism.”

Despite U.S. efforts, including stepped-up worker strikes, many disagree Al Qaeda and quite a affiliates are some-more absolute today, not less. Even in a Middle East, electorate tell Pew Research, Islamic extremism, including Al Qaeda and a affiliates, are a flourishing threat. 

Health spending: In 2013, a boss lobbied for support for ObamaCare, earnest to “bring down costs by changing a approach a supervision pays for Medicare.” He did. Medicare spending slowed from 7.7 percent to 5.3 percent, according to a new news by a Kaiser Family Foundation.

A State of a Union debate is a brew of process and politics, aspirations and accomplishments. After 6 years in office, Obama has overseen an improving economy — yet center category salary sojourn flat. Proposals for corporate taxation remodel and concept preschool sojourn in limbo.

While there is partisanship and feud on roughly each issue, this 2013 matter could be a exception. “Our supervision shouldn’t make promises we can't keep, yet we contingency keep a promises we’ve already made,” Obama told Congress.

Nevertheless, Tuesday’s residence might embody many promises even he knows can't be kept.

William La Jeunesse assimilated FOX News Channel (FNC) in Mar 1998 and now serves as a Los Angeles-based correspondent.

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