Obama, Republicans Stalemated on Keystone Amid Cooperation Vows

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President Barack Obama and Republican
congressional leaders gave no belligerent on their differences,
including a Keystone XL tube and immigration, even as they
pledged to find common belligerent over a subsequent year.

With Republicans now in control of a House and Senate,
Obama met during a White House currently with congressional leaders
from both parties. The boss has released 5 halt threats
since a commencement of a year.

“There was some idea done that it would be helpful
if a boss didn’t bluster vetoes so early on in the
process,” Senator John Thune, a chamber’s third-ranking
Republican, said. “But unfortunately, he’s flattering dug in on
some of those issues.”

Among them is legislation relocating by Congress that
would bypass a administration’s examination of TransCanada Corp.’s
proposal to build Keystone. Thune pronounced Obama gave no pointer of
backing off his vouch to halt a bill.

In brief remarks to reporters before a assembly began,
Obama focused on several areas where he and congressional
Republicans have some common interests, ticking off a list of
priorities including enhancing cybersecurity, boosting trade,
reworking a taxation formula and streamlining government.

“Obviously there are disagreements around a list on a
whole operation of issues, though there are also areas where we can
agree, and that’s where we’re going to be focused,” he said.

Republican Legislation

Republicans are advancing bills to approve Keystone, ease
Obamacare’s requirement for employer-provided insurance, require
more justification and notice of regulatory changes, change a key
provision of a Dodd-Frank Act, and retard Obama’s movement to end
the deportation hazard for about 5 million undocumented
immigrants. Obama has threatened to halt all of them.

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio pronounced in a statement
after a assembly that Republicans had no skeleton to lift behind on
their initiatives. Thune pronounced Obama shouldn’t be so discerning to
threaten vetoes.

“Give a routine a possibility to play out, give the
legislative bend of a supervision a possibility to be listened from
and afterwards we’ll see where it ends up,” he said.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest faulted
Republicans for “recycling aged legislation that they know that
the boss strongly opposes.”


One area where both sides pronounced they might find agreement is
bolstering mechanism and network security. The boss skeleton to
submit legislation to Congress currently that would give companies
legal protections for pity information about hacking threats
with any other and a government.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of
Kentucky pronounced a cover is “going to make another run” at
cybersecurity legislation. He also pronounced he believes a bipartisan
deal on trade is possible.

The boss pronounced during a commencement of a assembly he
wanted to concentration on a economy, observant a latest jobs report
“indicates that a liberation continues to pierce in a robust

“We’re in a position to make certain that 2015 is an even
stronger year,” he said.

Obama will lay out his bulletin in subsequent week’s State of the
Union debate and in a mercantile 2016 bill he’s scheduled to
release on Feb. 2.

One of a tip lawmakers blank from a assembly was
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat. He’s still
recovering from damaged ribs and skeleton in his face and a
concussion suffered in an collision while exercising. Reid, 75,
sent his tip major Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, in
his place.

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