Obama: Donald Trump’s assignment ‘says something’ about a Republican Party

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Eight years ago, Donald Trump lead a birther transformation opposite then-President-elect Obama. Now, Donald Trump is a Republican hopeful for president.

In a taped talk with CBS’s John Dickerson that aired Sunday on “Face a Nation,” Obama pronounced that fact “says something about what’s happened to a Republican Party over a march of a final eight, 10, 15 years.”

He went on to contend that past Republican leaders such as Bob Dole, Jim Baker, Howard Baker, Dick Lugar and Colin Powell were conservatives who “also accepted that a complement of supervision requires compromise, that Democrats weren’t a enemy, that a approach a supervision works requires us to listen to any other.

“And that’s not a kind of politics that we’ve seen practiced,” Obama said.

Obama also reiterated what he pronounced in a news discussion on Friday: that he doesn’t consider a dim design of America that Trump embellished in his nomination speech is true, even in a arise of an attack on a Munich mall after that day that killed during slightest 9 people.

“I consider right now we’ve left by a unequivocally tough month, and that happens sometimes,” Obama said, going on to contend that crime rates are reduce than when he took office, that immigration rates are reduce than when Ronald Reagan was boss and that, yes, there are some “serious” militant attacks though “the fact of a matter is a American people are significantly some-more protected now than they were before all a work we’ve finished given 9/11.”

Sticking with that theme, Obama told Dickerson that in a lot of ways he’s some-more “hopeful” about a opportunities for people of tone in a United States, citing his daughter’s easy relations with white friends as an example.

“They have a common enlightenment and a common denunciation and common perspectives that were distant some-more segregated even when we was flourishing up,” Obama said.

The appearance of smartphones to constraint military shootings of black group in places such as Minnesota and Louisiana has highlighted secular tensions that are not new, he said.

Obama again defended presumptive Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, that a FBI has pronounced was “extremely careless.”

“She would acknowledge she done a mistake,” Obama told Dickerson. “But what we also consider is loyal is if you’ve been in a open eye for decades, during a top turn of scrutiny, folks are going to find some mistakes you’ve made.”

He pronounced he understands improved than many Clinton’s strengths and weaknesses: “She’s not flashy. There are improved speechmakers,” he said. ” … But she knows her stuff, and some-more than anything, that is what is eventually compulsory to do a good pursuit in this office.”

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