North Korea’s ‘princess’ moves closer to core of power

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SEOUL (Reuters) – In her slim-fitting trouser suits and black-heeled shoes, Kim Yo Jong cuts a resisting figure to her chunky comparison brother, North Korean personality Kim Jong Un.

On Thursday, state media pronounced a younger Kim, 27, had taken a comparison position in a statute Workers’ Party, confirming conjecture she had changed closer to a core of energy in a sly state.

It named her as a clamp executive alongside a conduct of a Propaganda and Agitation Department, that handles ideological messaging by a media, humanities and culture.

Kim Yo Jong’s pretension supports progressing reports from a North Korean fugitive organisation that pronounced she might have taken a high-level purpose when Kim Jong Un recently left from open perspective for some-more than a month, call conjecture about his hold on power.

South Korea’s comprehension group after pronounced Kim, 31, was expected to have had medicine on his left ankle. Kim has given reappeared, walking with a limp.

Kim Yo Jong’s energy has been likened to that of a primary minister, an unnamed South Korean comprehension source told a Seoul-based JoongAng Ilbo journal in April, even before her brother’s injury.

“All roads lead to Comrade Yo Jong,” a source said.

Kim Yo Jong has featured in state promotion given her hermit took over a nuclear-capable nation on a genocide of their father, Kim Jong Il, in late 2011.

In 2012, as state TV showed Kim Jong Un nearing during a opening of an entertainment park in Pyongyang, Kim Yo Jong ran from one position to another between ranks of applauding celebration cadres and generals as if she was orchestrating a eventuality for a new North Korean dictator.

Since then, a smartly-dressed Kim, her hair customarily pulled behind in a ponytail, has done several appearances with her brother, giggling during state concerts, presenting awards to warrior pilots or roving a white horse.

Women in congenital North Korea frequency spin high-ranking officials or troops commanders. They do, however, accept troops training.

They are also critical to North Korea’s moribund economy. With many group intent in state-appointed jobs in factories and official departments, it is mostly women who spin to black marketplace trade to acquire a income many families need to survive.

But for Kim Yo Jong, it is her family name and vicinity to Kim Jong Un that supersedes any informative norms.

“People who are nominally her superiors many expected defer to her,” pronounced Michael Madden, an consultant on a North Korean leadership.


When Kim Jong Il ruled North Korea, his sister Kim Kyong Hui took a absolute purpose as a personal partner with high-ranking troops and celebration jobs.

She has not been seen given her husband, Jang Song Thaek, once regarded as a No.2 personality in Pyongyang, was purged and executed late final year.

Writing in his 2003 discourse about his 13 years as Kim Jong Il’s sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto pronounced a late tyrant had a guileless attribute with Ko Yong Hui, his fourth partner, with whom he had 3 children: Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, and their elder hermit Kim Jong Chol.

“Ko pronounced she had trafficked to Disneyland in Europe and Tokyo with her kids,” Fujimoto wrote.

Not most is famous about a elder Kim, who was once photographed during a Swiss boarding propagandize all 3 children reportedly attended in a reproduction of Dennis Rodman’s NBA basketball jersey.

Even during dinner, Fujimoto said, Kim Jong Il kept his eldest son during arm’s length, preferring to place destiny personality Kim Jong Un and his sister, beside himself and their mom whom he called ‘madam’.

“Kim Jong Il sits in a middle, and to his left, sits his madam,” wrote Fujimoto.

“Prince Jong Un sits to a left of a madam, and a princess sits to a right of Kim Jong Il.”

(Editing by Dean Yates)

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